3 Reasons Why Apple Killed The Headphone Jack For AirPod [#1 is Just Crap]


With the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Apple decided to kill the headphone jack and introduce a new technology that got some people pissed off and ranting on social media while to some other set of people, they are just so happy and love Apple more because of the new innovation. But the fact is, those fancy headphones you’ve got, they are not going to work on the new iPhone unless you carry around an adaptor.

Some people keep asking, Why will they remove the headphone jack?
seal up the area where it was supposed to be and introduce new technology out from the

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What actually drove their decision to tilt towards that angle. This is actually
what we are to discuss on this post.

During the iPhone 7 press event, Apple’s Vice President of Marketing,  Phil Schiller took to the stage and positioned the Audio jack as this old technology that has been around since the late 1800’s, he stated that this is a smart move by apple to move this way, as we all know that from the common human sense of view, new technology is better than an old technology and this is what apple is seriously trying to tell us. But a technology being old isn’t just enough reason to kill it. So apple went on to give us their 3 reasons why they decided to kill the headphone jack and introduce this new tech.

headphone jack

We will go on with each one of them and see how each reason stands up on its own.

  • #1

During the press event, Phil Schiller stated that apple discovered that they can use lightening for inbox headphones and to adapt …. audio devices through inter logging interfaces.
So, Apple’s first reason for killing the headphone Jack is because they have shown that headphones could be used via lightning and they have an adaptor that helps you still use your older analog headphone. On a supporting reason, I think this might work, but on its own, I still think this is not a real reason. Come to think of it having an alternative that is not any better than the con option that doesn’t want any change. Lightning headphones are not any better. The sound quality is just the same as the analog headphone and it comes with this option of not being able to charge your phone and listen to music at the same time.

Also, it comes with the inconvenience of carrying around adapter if you intend using your old analog headphone.

So, from my own point of view, the number one reason is not just close to a hitting home properly. I am going to throw it out.

Let us see what Apple has for us as the number 2 reason.

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  • #2

During the press conference,  Phil Schiller mentioned that the natural ” I want more” part of smartphone users.

We all want more from every new device that hits the smartphone market. We want bigger displays. We want batteries with an increased capacity more than the one on our old smartphones, We want faster processors, improved camera, stereo speakers, we want haptic engines and all these things are fighting for space right within that same enclosure and maintaining an ancient single-purpose analog headphone connector doesn’t make sense at all.

The second reason for killing the iphone jack is that the head phone jack takes up alot of the internal space that can otherwise be used for other things. This sounds little bit more ligit a reason to kill the headphone jack.

I did some digging and I found out that, at the top of every iPhone device, there is a small circuit board called the driver ledge. This circuit drives the iphone’s display and battery. But on the new iPhone 7,  the driver ledge interfere with the new larger camera systems and the problem was even grosser in the iPhone 7 plus which has a more bigger dual camera system, taking up much larger space.

So, Apple engineers tried moving the driver ledge lower on the phone and which then interfered with the head phone jack.

According to Apple, they tried removing the headphone jack all together and they discovered that by not having the headphone jack, it made it easier to install the tactic engine and even more space for the bigger battery.

They also said that removing the headphone jack helped the phone obtain an IP7 water resistance rating which apple needed so badly to compete with samsung.


  • #3

Phil Schiller said during the conference, “when you have a vision of how your audio experience should be, you want to get there as fast as you can and make it as great as it can be.”

Apple believes that wireless is the future. Anyway, statictics backed them up pretty good. Bluetooth wireless headphones sale more that wierd headphones.

But, while this may work as a supporting reason, by itself it isnt enough to be considered it a real reason. What does the feature being wireless has to do with removing the headphone jack? Why didn’t Samsung throw away the charging port from their s7 just because it can be charged wirelessly?

Lastly, I also think there are other unstated reasons why Apple ditched the headphone jack, these reasons are business inclined.

The AirPod is $160 right? Isn’t cool cash it? Very expensive right?

Apple claimed the Airpod started at the same time as the Apple watch project, I don’t know if they were actually the first or the second Apple watch. I think they were talking about the first.

So, if it is the first watch, why didn’t the AirPod show up sooner or at the same time as the Apple watch? It is not like the phone works only on iPhone 7 and 7plus, the AirPods are compatible with other headache jacks equipped on older iPhones.

Apple waited to launch the new AirPod alongside an iPhone with no headphone jack so as to push consumers to buy it. Smart biz right?

The AirPods powered by the new W1 chip. Apple happens to own Beats which they bought for $3.2 billion on May 8, 2014. This makes beat the only brand that clearly benefits from the amazing new W1 chip that powers the AirPod. This will cut down the profit margin for other headphone brands and be giving beats more money for celebrity endorsements.

Then, other headphone brands will have to pay Apple a fee before they can produce a wireless headphone that will be compatible with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Apple didn’t spend that huge amount of money on Beats for nothing, it is all business.

Among the 3 reasons why Apple ditched the audio headphone jack, I think the only one that is a good reason is just #3, I totally don’t find the other 2 feasible enough. Especially #1.

Come onto the comment box let us see what you think about Apple ditching the Audio headphone jack for AirPod.


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