5 Types of Friends Bloggers Should Avoid


When I was starting out as a blogger, one of the first advice I received from people who were here before me was that I should connect with other bloggers and befriend them. The result… I ended up making an army of friends.

So many of them were helpful to my career, others weren’t and just a few of them turned out not being only friends but more than friends.

Life as a blogger  is really tough, but to so many of us, we are here not because of the money but because that is the only thing we love doing.

One of the reasons new bloggers are usually advised to connect with other bloggers in their Niche is so that they will not feel like they are inside this blogosphere all alone. They will have somebody to reach out to when the thorny days comes by.

We could really use the help of friends around, both your friends that are bloggers and the ones that are not. The compliments and the ‘keep it up’ gesture friends give you is always enough to streamline a rough day spent on your blog.

I know how happy I feel whenever my friends here give me that nudge that shows that they are overwhelmed and happy that I can do what I am doing. I bet you, the feeling is epic.

While having so many friends can be very helpful to you as a blogger, they can also be harming your career as a blogger if you are keeping the wrong ones.

According to a Philosopher, there is no poison as toxic to your life as that of a bad friend who doesn’t influence you positively.

You will fare better as a blogger if you detach yourself from some of your bad friends and surround yourself with good ones who love and care about you. 

friends bloggers should avoid

In this post, I will highlight the qualities of those friends that you should try as much as possible to avoid.

  • Friends That Always tell You Your Blog  is Always Great.

While these type of friends are trying so hard not to make you feel bad, they are equally killing your chances of improvement.

According to ThyBlackMan.com – 25 Ways To Build African Bloggers

The No.3 point there said – No matter how good you are in your craft of blogging there is always room for improvement. You will only improve better if a critique scans through your content and is bold enough to tell you those areas you really need to work on and not to pet you, all in the name of friendship. Tell your friends to honestly criticize your work and they should take friendship apart and be very honest about it.

  • They Always Talk Bad about Your Work.

While it is good for a friend to criticize your work, it is also bad if they talk bad about it too often with no encouragement, and even worse when they cannot give you a definite reason why it is bad.

So many people enjoy doing this. Call them negative energy, they are just out to make you feel bad about yourself, drag your creativity and productivity through the mud and they are happy when you finally give in to their negative energy.

“Hey, what is that nonsense you are writing over there, will anybody even allow his/her eyes set on that thing you are writing?”

Is any of your friends often uttering this type of statement anytime he/she sees you writing? Stay away from such friends, they are just out to kill your career. You need people that will lift you up by criticizing you with tangible reasons and encouragements, not people that will try to make you feel bad about yourself.

  • Friends That are ladened With Good Ideas That Will help You But Will Like To Keep it To Themselves

My best Friend is a person who will give me a book I have not read – Abraham Lincoln

You meet this type of friends every day, in our school, in your neighborhood, in the office, and among your blog colleagues. They are so stuffed up with ideas and they will always like to keep the ideas to themselves, they don’t want to take you along, they want to always be at the top.

People act like this because they are scared when they release their ideas, you will add it to your own and topple them up in life. Don’t blame them, that is just how our human nature was designed to be. Just let them be and stay away from them. 

  • They are Willing To let Their Ideas Out But Always For a Price

It is good to be business inclined, but when it comes to your friends you should treat them differently from the way you treat your clients.

Friends are called friends because they should have a little bit of free access to whatever thing you have that should be inaccessible to some other people.

When a friend will always put a price tag on his ideas whenever you ask for them, and even to make it worse, the price tag is not anywhere different from what he will charge his real clients. Then your friend is not really meant to be called a friend.

If you really need the idea that much, you better learn to see him as somebody that is selling something to a client and he should know that too.

  • When a Friend is Overtly Needy

Some of your friends can really be a pain in your butt. He will like it if you help him/her set up a blog, design the blog and will also go ahead asking you to help him/her promote or even write blog posts for them.

Think about that, is that even possible for people like that to exist? Yes, it is and I have seen such people. If you tend to sacrifice your time to help them out almost every time, they will certainly not grow and you will end up not working on your own blog the way you should.


Be careful the type of friends you keep, most of them are just out there to pull you down while so many of them have the angelic soul in them to make your blog live a better one. Fine those good friends, embrace their company and see how far you go in your career. I came this far in my career, mostly because of my community of blogger friends. Thanks to each and every one of them. One love.

Do you have a network of blogger friends who share the same goals with you? How helpful have they been to your career? Drop your answers in the comment box.


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