$550 iPhone? Apples Strategy to Re-Shuffle the Smartphone Market and Sale More Phones


There has been a lot of noise online about Apple’s 2018 lineup.

According to reports we should be expecting three new iPhone models to arrive this Fall.

On the list, the first phone is an upgraded 5.8-inch iPhone X, second will be a 6.5-inch OLED iPhone X Plus and the third, a new 6.1-inch LCD iPhone.

apple 2018 iphone line up

In this post, we would be focusing on the latter, the 6.1-inch LCD offer from Apple.

According to KGI Security analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who shaded some light on the details concerning the new iPhones. He emphasized that the new 6.1-inch model will cost as low as $550. This is Apple coming down in price to compete closely with so many Android phone makers who have saturated the $200-$500 smartphone market price.

As we all know, Apple’s devices are known for their high prices and high quality also. It’s been a while since an Apple smartphone was released with such a low price. The last iPhone SE is the only one my mind could get a grip on.

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From a consumers perspective, a less expensive iPhone looks cool, at least those people that couldn’t afford iPhone 7, 8 or X because of their high price will have the opportunity to use an iPhone. But, from the perspective of someone who is concerned about the smartphone market, this offer would only go two directions. One, it shows iPhone hurting the exclusivity of the brand. On the second direction,  the potential gains would be worth the risk for Apple, giving room for smartphone users who have a limited budget and also compete for the financial love of consumers with other smartphone makers not only in high-end features but also in providing the best useful features in a lesser price, especially these numerous Chinese smartphone makers.

This could also be Apple trying to flip the coin upside down, giving that what the iPhone X has lacked in sales numbers, it seems to have made up for in high profitability. While turning the coin upside down, the 6.1-inch iPhone could flip that script to sell a lot of reasonably priced smartphones.

When this smartphone eventually roles off, it’s expected that Apple sells between 100-120 million units of it  Between the third quarters of 2018 and 2019.

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The 6.1-inch LCD iPhone could have two models.

There would be a cheaper variant with a single SIM and the second variant with dual SIM(wow! This is unlike Apple).

More on the dual SIM model, the dual SIM feature would be on standby (with no eSIM), this means the user would have to specify which of the SIM cards is able to make calls, as opposed to a dual SIM active where both cards can be enabled simultaneously. Don’t hold your breath for that second SIM slot to have microSD support.

The single SIM variant of the most affordable of the three upcoming 2018 iPhones would cost between $550 and $650, while the dual SIM model could go for $650-750.

Maybe this could pull some Android users to Apple’s side, especially those  ones that have kept away from Apple because of their highly priced Smartphones.

Right now, there are a ton of the latest and greatest Android options in the same price range with the coming Apple iPhone: when it finally drops, Apple will be completing with  the likes of onePlus 5T ($569), LG G6 ($419), Google Pixel 2 ($551), Samsung Galaxy S8 ($594) and so on, the competition is tough here but Apple has always been surviving competitions.

So, would you buy an upcoming iPhone if it wasn’t as expensive as usual?

Are you excited for the fact that this iPhone’s lower price or it’s dual SIM support?

Let us know what you think


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