AirPods Service and Repair – Apple Airpods Are Virtually Impossible To Repair

AirPods Service and Repair

So what is iFixit?

It is basically a website which only comes to people’s mind when it comes to fixing a spoilt smartphone or any broken piece of Gadget.

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What happens there?

Apart from showing you how to repair a gadget or smartphone the engineers on iFixit will tear down a gadget to its barest minimum and they will try to sort out and find out everything about the gadget from the tiniest piece of its components to the most Macro-sized bits that make up the gadget.

This is done to find out the piece of components that make up a given gadget and to ascertain how easy or complicated repairing the gadget might turn out to be.

AirPods Service and Repair

Recently, just like every other piece of gadget that shook the balance of the Tech world upon its release, the Apple Airpod went through the same fate and to our greatest surprise, the result came out disastrous.

AirPods Service and Repair


Just get ready to buy a new Airpod if yours finally breaks down in future. Or, you can learn to pamper it like an egg from today henceforth; because, according to iFixit, the Apple pair of wireless earphones that came out with the new iPhone 7 lines of phones are virtually impossible to repair.

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Below is a note from the iFixit team that carried out the test. But first of all watch the video of the teardown.

The Apple Airpods receives a 0 score from iFixit for repairability. According to them, it is practically impossible to get inside an Airpod unless you grab a pair of scissors and cut through the wires altogether. Talking about the issues, iFixit has more complaints related to the quality of the product here rather the design itself.

When you take a look at the X-ray images from iFixit of the Airpods, you will find out that there are some major quality issues in the chip’s solder joints. They found out that their lot of empty spaces within which is either a sign of poor quality or the result of rushed decision to launch them out in the market.

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Considering the fact that the company faced a lot of issue and delays with the launch of this product, we can definitely say that it is due to the rushing for launch. But then again, when you talk about $160 headphone, such quality issues shouldn’t be there in the first place. Another problem is with the repairability. You can check out the above video to see the action but long story short, it is virtually impossible to get them repaired.

It is literally impossible to get into an airpod without destroying it completely. So if you are trying to repair a pair at home which is out of warranty, then you should even be thinking about it.

Apparently, Apple has used a lot of glue to keep everything together. The same is the case with the charging dock/carrying case also. While we understand that using glue is the only option to keep things together within such a small form factor, it is an environmental concern as well. Recycling a product which is glued together costs way more than what a recycler can earn out of it. This only means that most of the Airpods won’t even be recycled once their life is over. Keeping all this in mind, it is definitely shocking to see a product of this kind from Apple.

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