Android VS iPhone 2017: 6 Things You Must Know Before Making Your Choice



Forget about Blackberry, forget about Windows mobile, Android and iOS are the real black this days.

The Difference Between Android and iOS:

Android is a mobile operating system, owned by Google and written in Java programming language, C and C++. It powers smartphones from top brands like Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG and so on. According to study, it is the most popular operating system.

Formerly known as iPhone OS, owned by Apple and written in C, C++, Objective-C and  Swift. Unlike Android, it is a closed source. You can only find it on the iPhone and iPads(recently it was extended to support other apple devices, the iPod). It is the second most popular operating system after Android.

It is all about your choice. Come to think of it nobody will drag you down the phone shop to get a phone running on one of the Operating systems based on his or her own choice. The world is a free world.

The argument about choosing between Android over iOS or iOS over Android has been going on for years. Still, after decades of furious battles, nothing concrete have being concluded. The two platforms are amazing and possess amazing features.

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Operating system

When it comes to operating systems, different people have different opinions about the two platforms. Like I wrote earlier it all boils down to your choice.

Either way, the iPhone is known for its simplicity and user-friendliness. You don’t need to be a Tech geek to maneuver your way around your new iPhone, you don’t need to be a Tech geek to figure out how things work on your new iPhone or how to set up thing, this is because you don’t have to customize anything. The default design and UI iPhone comes with is just so perfectly for you and will always fit your taste.

But, if you are the type that will like to customize the hell out of your phone and make it stand out and fit in perfectly into your taste, then an Android device is for you. You can root your Android smartphone and you have different custom Roms at your disposal to flash into your phone. With Android, the sky is only your starting point. All thanks to Google making Android open source.

Apps and Softwares

Both Apple app store and Google play store is seemingly bursting with apps right now. As the number of software developers increases, the number of software developed gets more massive on a daily basis.

While some of this apps are paid, others appear on both app stores free and Google play store has more of the free apps.

Apple store gets the respect of having most of the apps that is to run on both an iOS device and Android first released on iOS. I don’t know why this is so but that’s just true about developers.

Looking for an App to download for your Android smartphone? The Google play store is not your only hope as a software developer has the ability to upload his finished software on both Play store and also any third party app stores. But in Apple’s iOS, you only have the Apple app store at your disposal.


When it comes to security, between iPhone and Android, iPhone is the king. A press release recently reported that Ministry of defense went full to choose the iPhone 7 as the device of choice for sensitive communications.

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Nevertheless, the unsecured Android we knew some years ago has evolved and malware producers find it very hard to produce effective viruses that can successfully infect your Android phone. The Android team has significant steps to improve their own security as new Android versions show up. Insecure apps on the Google play store are sieved away often.


No matter the amount of storage your smartphone comes with, it can never be enough for you even if it is a 128GB storage.

The iPhones are made up of series of smartphones that are in different variants. They all have their storage fixed, meaning iPhone users rely only on their internal storage and it cannot be increased. The bigger storage capacity iPhones are always expensive.

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Most Android Smartphones boasts of robust space and also an extendable memory, while a minimal category belongs to the group without external storage slot. The joy of having an external storage enabled smartphone is that you can shop around and change your external storage slot whenever your current card gets filled up or damages.

Battery Life

While the era of blackberry devices is gone. Those phones that have short battery life and make you carry chargers inside your bags and anywhere you go just found their new homes inside a human.

It is only on Android-powered smartphones that you can find that perfect device with a perfect battery life that satisfies your smartphone need in a country where Power-supply is nothing to write home about.

Good lasting battery, that was one of the things that Tecno used to invade some African country’s smartphone market and knocked out blackberry and Symbian phones.

Device Selection

They said too much of everything turns that particular thing to a means for boredom. Do you want to end up on an iPhone? You have a limited list if phones to go for. Your choice will circulate around the small number of iPhones. But for Android, you can choose from any brand’s smartphones and each and every one of them is completely different from the next.

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