Apple Removes App that can help you find your lost Airpods


Finder app for Airpods
The new Airpod came with so many disadvantages, apart from the probability that the airpod is not fitting in properly and staying in your ear when you want to use it, it is so expensive and in addition to that, they are so tiny that you can have them stuck inside your ears and still go around looking for them. 

Because of that, a good and helpful programmer came up with an app that can help you locate the airpods whenever they are missing. The app was so cheap and useful, just $3.99.

But, for whatever reason, Apple decided to remove the app from its store.

The only obvious reason why we think Apple removed the App would have being because of the mechanism in which the app works. It uses the AirPods’ Bluetooth signal to track them down, then telling the user if they are around you or not and also the distance as the signal increased or decreased in strength. 

However bad this app is, I think it is better than nothing. Come to think of it the Airpod is so expensive and small that you can easily misplace it. 

Or, did Apple really removed the app so that users will have no other alternative than to purchase a replacement for $69.

Well, who knows?

If you’ve already purchased the app just go over there and ask for a refund.


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