Apple Watch Saves Teen’s Life in A Way No Other Smartwatch Has Ever Done

Apple Watch Series 3

I have always owned more than a few smartwatches, not for the fun of it but because I love the idea of having to enjoy all the features of each and every one of them that makes them smart.

I own an apple watch series 2 and for whatever reason, it has been among the few smartwatches in my possession that rarely see the light of the day, it has never been part of my everyday gadget.

This type of negligence is about to change in my life after I came across this story, told by Tampa Bay, FL which gave me the reason to never to leave my Apple smartwatch out on the background again.

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According to the story, An Apple Watch alerted a teenager of a sharp rise in her resting heart rate, which revealed an even bigger medical situation.

apple watch series 3


18-year-old Deanna Recktenwald’s Apple Watch alerted her that her resting heart rate hit 190 beats per minute (which is above the 40 to 100 bpm rates that medicine has stated as normal).

The alerts showed up suddenly on the smartwatch’s screen while Deanna the wearer was at church, and she had no initial idea of her condition before then.

Later on, Deanna’s mother, Stacey Recktenwald wrote a letter to Apple, thanking the company for making the health-minded wearable that saved her Daughter’s life.

In her letter, she stated that the notification prompted Deanna to seek emergency care, after which doctors discovered that her kidneys “were only functioning at 20% which is very much below normal and disastrous,” despite “no symptoms of any kidney issues or any other medical issues.” This type of issue has been the reason why some people that look healthy will all of a sudden slump and die.

Her doctors noted that she’d have needed a kidney transplant while away, had her condition gone further undiagnosed.

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The Apple Watch is giving Stacey a bit of relief, knowing that she can send Ashley “off to college and know that she can monitor her heart rate(HR) and seek medical attention if the watch notifies her again.”

The Mum who is a registered nurse, said that she wasn’t aware of the Apple Watch’s ability to send such an alert, and while she didn’t initially trust the accuracy at first, she was “surprised, it was right on point.”

Apple CEO, Tim Cook has responded to Stacey’s email, thanking her for sharing her Daughter’s story, and saying “This inspires us to keep pushing.”


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