Asus Breaks Record: Unveils Asus Zenfone AR That Supports Tango, Daydream With 8GB of Ram


As we all know Brands have been announcing their new and coolest products on the CES 2017 stage leaving the whole world watching their Jaw-dropping announcements.

Asus on its own have already pulled the curtain on various beastly smartphones, but the one that caught my fancy the most is the Asus Zenfone AR. The phone is really equipped with features that will leave any Tech freak shivering.

The Asus Zenfone AR broke so many records making Asus the first smartphone brand to crack the egg on some features other smartphone brands are still dreaming about.

The newly unveiled Zenfone AR equipped with a whopping 8GB of RAM, there is also a 6GB variant, making it the first smartphone to pull that type of stunt. Also, it is the second smartphone to support the Tango technology, after the Lenovo pheb 2 pro but the first high-end smartphone to support Tango technology. It also supports Google’s Daydream VR.

If you are among the people that will ask, “What is Tango Technology?”

It is a platform created by Google for its Augmented reality. Tango equipped smartphones can understand the physical space by measuring the distance between the phone and the objects in the real world.

This means that tango phones can be used to access AR apps that can be found on Google play store. Report has it that there are almost 30 Tango apps in Google’s play store.

The Zenfone AR is also compatible with Google’s Daydream VR. Google has promised that more smartphones will be compatible with their VR system and here is them fulfilling their promise. So, you are also cleared out on using VR apps on the Asus Zenfone AR.

Let us now shift a little bit away from the high features Asus stocked this phone with and come down to the basic simpler features.

The Zenfone AR poses a beautifully made 5.7-inch Super AMOLED screen with Quad HD resolution and a Snapdragon 821 processor (So bad it didn’t make the new snapdragon 835).

Also on the back is a 23MP camera plus the optical hardware needed to run Tango applications – this includes sensors for motion tracking and a depth-sensing camera.

Asus Zenfone AR 8GB of ram and Tango

As you can see from the picture above, the Tango module occupied the space where the fingerprint sensor is usually found on Asus phones, so the fingerprint sensor was now placed on the front, embedded in the physical home button, which is flanked by capacitive keys. As we’ve mentioned before, it will come with an 8GB of RAM and a 6GB variant. It also includes a vapor cooling system to help prevent the phone from overheating when using its AR and VR capabilities.

As we’ve mentioned before, it is equipped with 8GB of RAM and a 6GB variant is also available. It also includes a vapor cooling system to help prevent the phone from overheating when using its AR and VR capabilities.

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The ZenFone AR is running Android 7.0 Nougat, with Asus’ ZenUI customization of it.

This phone will be released by Q2 of 2017 (April-June). No details about the pricing yet. Keep up to date on Geekshelm as we bring to you the latest from the smartphone world.

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