Best Ways to Use Your Smartphone Underwater When It Has No Waterproof Feature

Use Your Smartphone Underwater

While water is very important to the human life, it is the greatest enemy of your precious handled device.

Water damage makes up for 30% of broken smartphones. This natural element that makes up 70% of our planet will not hesitate to damage those important components inside your smartphone that conduct electricity if it accidentally finds its way into it.

With this in mind, smartphone companies while coming up with great innovations to feature on their next flagships will always have the waterproof feature at heart and will always try to increase the depth and duration in which the waterproofed phones can go or last underwater before facing the wrath of their greatest enemy (H2O).

These days, when you own a phone that has a waterproof feature, you can use the phone underwater so far you don’t stay longer or go deeper than the phones IP rating stipulates.

The problem will always arise when your phone lacks this waterproof feature. That’s when taking your phone underwater will be a risk you wouldn’t want to take at all if you want your smartphone to ever see the light of the day again.

In this post, I will show you everything you need to know and the best ways to use your waterproof-less phones underwater without being scared of getting them damaged.

Also, whether you are using your phone as your camera to capture your wonderful underwater moments or you just like the idea of taking your phone along with you anywhere you go like this man…

Then this post will be the last blog post you will ever need to read to enable you to take this type of risk without regrets.

Take Note

To use your waterproof-less smartphone underwater there are two options available to you, the first being to purchase a smartphone casing designed specifically for your phone’s brand and model to protect your phone underwater. These type of casing will fit in properly just like the normal casing you will get for your phone to protect it against scratches, dusts and screen damages when it accidentally falls off your hand.

Although, most of these casings while protecting your phone underwater was also designed to protect your phone from snow, dirt, dust and screen damages. Therefore, you don’t have to take the stress of changing the casing up and down for different occasions.

While the other option comes in form of a bag. They are waterproofed bags which in some cases will make your smartphone look like you are just coming out from a supermarket. But it serves its purpose and it will be your only option when you cant find any perfect waterproof casing for your smartphone.

That said, let’s dive in deep and explore the best products to help you use your phone underwater.

Let's dive in deep
Let’s dive in deep

Waterproof casings

Below are the 6 brands that specialize in making wonderful waterproof casings for different types of smartphones.



Suitable as an everyday case, Lifeproof design protects your iPhone from water and dust. The Lifeproof Fre comes in eight different color choices so you can match your iPhone to your personality. Unlike many other options with this level of impact protection, it doesn’t hinder access to your buttons or muffle the conversation. It doesn’t cause any camera reflections and can withstand freezing temperatures.



The drycase waterproof case will fit nearly any smartphone device and comes with an armband and lanyard for extreme sporting. Although looking a little bulky who cares, so far it will get the job done.


The RainBallet is certified to work underwater for up to 30 minutes at a time. The case comes with Sharpvue camera lenses to ensure your underwater filming is crystal clear.

Jaity Samsung

Jaity samsung

The Jaity Samsung is custom designed for the Galaxy S8, meaning that all speakers, buttons, sensors, and cameras are still accessible with this one on. It meets IP68 standards and has double cushioning on all four corners to insulate your phone from drops and shocks. reflective back cover lets you take videos underwater phone calls sound a bit muffled



The AloFox iPhone 6/6s comes in either white, black, or blue, all with a transparent back to reveal your phone’s original color. Like many other fully sealed options, it does muffle the volume a bit, but that’s a small price to pay for protection. backed by a one-year warranty supports touch id use allows for underwater pictures

Ounne Underwater


If you splurged on the iPhone X, you’ll want to keep it safe while preserving its full functionality with the Ounne Underwater. The full-body 360-degree protection safeguards phones from drops and dust and allows them to be submerged in over 10 feet of water for an hour. clear back for wireless charging retains camera quality does not add a lot of bulk


Waterproof Bags

The second option has to do with using a specialize types of bags for your phone called waterproof bags. Although it will make your phone look out of shape it will always give you the ability to do anything you want to do with your phone underwater without damaging it.

While some waterproof bags are focused on protecting your phone against the adverse effects its presence underwater might cause, the best waterproof bags for your phone will give you full device usage and will allow you navigate through your phone using your phone’s touchscreen, take clear pictures as the bags are transparent and are designed not to interfere with your phone’s camera while underwater to give you the best picture and video quality your phone could possibly offer.

The most interesting thing about these bags is that they are also buoyant. Which Means that when your phone falls off your hand while you are underwater, the bag instead of sinking with your smartphone will help it float on the surface of the water.

Here is a list of the best Waterproof bags on the market.


Cali case floating waterproof


The Cali Case XL is a perfect fit for those 6.0+ screened devices called “phablets”. It is ideal if you want to waterproof your phone without taking off its existing case, and is available in a bunch of fun colors, including glow-in-the-dark options. Includes two layers of PVC, a foam inside to help the whole package float. But underwater pics tend to be cloudy at times. Finally, it weighs 5.6 ounces.

Joto cellphone dry bag

The Joto Dry Pouch is universal, meaning it accommodates almost every type of smartphone, from Samsung to HTC to Apple. At 6.7″ tall and nearly 4″ wide, it also has enough room to hold a bit of cash and a credit card or two with most phone models inside.
completely see-through on both sides includes a handy lanyard budget-friendly and high quality

3iArt floating waterproof case


The 3iArt pouch fits 7-inch phones and is rated IPX8, which means it can go down as deep as 100 feet and your phone will still survive. It floats also. The most interesting thing about 3iArt floating waterproof bag is that you can listen to your music while using this bag under water.

It comes with a 3.5 mm plug inside, which you can connect to your smartphone, then connect the other end to an outside port you can use with any headphones. At the end, you will also need a waterproof headphone to make this work perfectly.

FrieQ floating waterproof case


This one is exclusively for those looking for a case that’s adorned with fun color then the Frieq Waterproof pouch might just be the case you are looking for.

The Frieq case fits all phones up to 5.7″ and comes with IPX8 certified to 100 feet underwater. The case is available at Amazon for $11.99

Moko universal waterproof


When you need a waterproof bag that’s a little bit larger than usual, the Moko universal waterproof bag is for you. It will fit any tablet that’s as large as 8.3 inches. This case makes it possible to take your iPad or your Android tablet for a swim.

It has an IPX8 certified rating, which means you can submerge it to 100 feet. It is simple and functional, as well as affordable as it costs only $8.95.

F-color Premium


Protect your high dollar investment with a low dollar purchase using the F-color Premium. You get two waterproof bags for the price of what many other companies charge for just one, so it is certainly a good value, and it comes in a range of colors.
supports touchscreen use accommodates most android and ios interfere with touch id

Final Bullets

Finally, which waterproof casing should you go for? The answer would be a casing that fits the morphology of your phone with all the eyes and mouths properly carved out on the impressions made on the casing (Referring to the camera bumps, mouthpiece, earpiece etc)

But, at times your phone’s model won’t be as popular and well recognized as Apple phones, Samsung Smartphones and the Google Pixels, in this case, you have to go for a waterproof bag. Most of them are universal and can house any type of phone perfectly.


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