Apple Fixes Security Bug on MacOS only to Stir Up Another one


Last few days had been a very tough one for Apple after it was discovered that someone could access a MacOS system by simply logging in as “Root” with no password.

This caused a huge panic and anger among Apple’s Mac OS users and Apple did what any 21st century tech company could have done. They fixed the bug by issuing a patch just few days later after its discovery.

But, what seemed to be the worst happened. While Apple fixed the bug, they didn’t know they caused more harm than good by breaking something else.

This new bug breaks file sharing between computers on the same network. It prevents some users from authenticating with or connecting to file shares, on both business and home networks.

Although this is not a biggy compared to the last bug Apple fixed that kicked started this one because nobody likes the idea of anybody being able to walk in freely into his/her Mac by just typing “root”. But meanwhile, It’s still so annoying, come to think of it, Apple users are not used to this type of disappointments and so many of them cannot cope or live comfortably like this. Windows and Android users can cope when a bug is on their device, but Apple fans using either Mac or iPhone? Nah. Steve Jobs and his 21st century decendants have spoiled them over the years with perfection.


Trust Apple to be quick to react, there’s already fix available for this bug, but it involves firing up the Terminal:

Open the Terminal app, which is in the Utilities folder of your Applications folder.

Type sudo /usr/libexec/configureLocalKDC and press Return.

Enter your administrator password and press Return.

Quit the Terminal app.


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