Check Out Xiaomi’s First Smartphone That Will Feature an In-display Fingerprint Scanner

Mi 8

Xiaomi Mi 6’s Launch is over and the buzz it came with has almost died off. Xiaomi like any other Smartphone company has since gone back to its drawing board and workbenches to cook up the next flagship and according to reports, the next Xiaomi flagship will be the Mi 8.

Recently, there has been a lot of rumors concerning Mi 8 but amongst all, a video which surfaced on YouTube recently caught our fancy.

The video which teased that the upcoming device — dubbed the Mi 8 — will have an in-display fingerprint sensor.

As we all know, the in-display fingerprint sensor is one of those technologies that Smartphone brands are trying to implement perfectly into their flagships and Vivo won the race by being the first to dish out a smartphone carrying that feature.

Since then, Vivo has released several Smartphones under its X-lineup with the feature while other companies are still trying to perfect on it.

The 3 seconds clip on YouTube not only confirms in-display fingerprint scanner on the Mi 8 but also reveals the front design.

Looking at the phone, the device seems to be running on the MIUI 9 and then, before unlocking the device the user puts his fingerprint on the display, the scanner area lightens up and then unlocks the device in a split second.

In addition, it is important to mention that the scanner speed on the Mi 8 is way faster than what we have seen on the Vivo X-lineup smartphones. Which means that Xiaomi did their best to improve the technology.

There are two companies that produce the in-display fingerprint sensors, Goodix or Synaptics. Nobody knows which of them Xiaomi got their sensors from. That will be revealed later as information about the Mi 8 is still blurred out.

Mi 8 also is being rumored to be a first Android smartphone with a 3D facial recognition feature similar to the one on Apple iPhone X. And if the rumours turned out true, I believe Xiaomi will take advantage of this opportunity and improve on the 3D facial recognition technology Apple has already featured on their iPhone X.

Why we believe this is because recently an alleged 3D facial scanner module leaked online. This will be the next-gen 3D scanner which maps the user’s face points to identify the user and it is way more secure than ordinary scanners.

Xiaomi will be incorporating this 3D scanner in a notch pretty much similar to the iPhone X. So Mi 8 might also be coming with a notch.

From what we heard so far the Mi 8 will be running on the Qualcomm’s latest Octa-core Snapdragon 845 chipset with up to 8GB of RAM. The base variant will have 64GB native storage. It will support glass rear and wireless charging.

A 4,000mAh battery will power the Smartphone. Finally, If the in-glass scanner feature on the Mi 8 is true then this means the device will have an OLED display panel as it is needed to implement under-display scanners.

The Mi 8 is expected to go official as a direct successor of Mi 6 as the company will likely skip the Mi 7.


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