Checkout How Facebook is Trying to Make Buying Products Online Scam Free

Checkout How Facebook is Trying to Make Buying Products Online Scam Free

Facebook Ads remains one of the best platforms in which website owners and online store owners can drive traffic and potential buyers to their website easily and with less cost. But, while the Ad platform has been doing good positively, it has also made it very easy for scammers who operate through online stores to prevail easily.

But, that’s about to change as Facebook has implemented a new feature on their platform that promises to make an online purchase of goods scam free.

This feature is mostly for the Chinese shopping sites and others that bait customers with mouth-watering products only to deliverer low-quality products; lower than what they advertised on the social network.

Today, Facebook launches a new e-commerce review option, this feature will reside inside its “Recent Ads Activity” dashboard that lets buyers give feedback about slow shipping times, weird smells, and junky merchandise.

With this feature, users are able to access the ads that they have clicked, and provide feedback, by clicking on their Ads Activity, where they can also provide feedback on any ad they may have intentionally or unintentionally clicked on.

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Now, those responses will be tailored when they are related to ads that have resulted in a purchase, and they will also get fed back to advertisers as well as Facebook itself.

These new feature aims to help not only the customer but also the advertiser (store owner).

For those advertisers who are advertising and selling on Facebook, they are able to get more information to modify their practices. And, if a business receives a critical mass of bad feedback, Facebook will notify them with an ultimatum to improve and If they don’t, Facebook will refuse to run their ads again. Saving them advertising money, saving customers from buying bad products and keeping Facebook’s 2.2 billion users out of pain. It’s a win-win for everybody.

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According to Sarah Epps, product marketing director for Facebook, she said in an interview. “We’ve all had negative customer experiences with businesses, Sometimes they’re hard to reach, late shipping items, or ship you low quality goods. What we hear from people is that bad shopping experiences cost them money and are really inconvenient. They’re bad for people, bad for good businesses on Facebook, and they’re bad for Facebook.”

Facebook’s move to let users’ experiences shape how advertisers sell products — and in worst cases whether they sell them at all — stems from two years back, Facebook says that it’s taken two years to roll this out because of the nature of how things are purchased off the back of ads on Facebook.

Sarah Epps said, “Of the hundreds of the businesses we’ve shared negative feedback with so far, many have taken steps to change. If they don’t show improvement over time, their ads won’t deliver to people’s news feeds. The reaction from businesses has been positive so far. That’s been surprising for us. There are some bad actors out there to scam people, but [most businesses do want to offer a good experience] and those are the ones facebook want to get them to use their ad platform.


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