Chinese Factory Replaces 90% Of Their Human Workers With Robots and Experienced 250% Rise in Production


Robots are on a very fast rise these days, so many experts are excited about that while some people who looked closely into the future saw an impending damage these robots are going to cause humanity.

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For a very long time, people have predicted that in the future, Robots will take over our jobs and our employers will have no other option than to send us all home.

Well, that future is upon us.

A factory in Dongguan, China, recently replaced most of its workers with robots and what happened? The company witnessed a spectacular rise in productivity.

That is exactly what our employers are looking for and if they can get it from a lifeless entity without paying a dime as salary what good are you to them after all?

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The Company by name, Precision Technology Company focuses on the production of mobile phones and it uses automated production lines. The factory was previously ran by 650 employees, but now, just 60 people get the entire job done, while robots take care of the rest. The company’s General Manager, Luo Weiqiang, says the number of required employees will soon drop to 20. Despite the drastic layoff of its Staff, not only is the factory producing more equipment (a 250% increase), but it’s also ensuring better quality.

With time, so many other Companies will adopt this strategy. This type of news will be coming to you more often.

According to a report created by Dr Carl Benedikt Frey and Associate Professor Michael Osborne from the University of Oxford, there’s an over 90% chance that robots will take over 95% of jobs leaving humans with 5% or nothing. As a matter of fact, Adidas is one of the companies which has already announced a shift towards robot-only factories.

While this sounds exciting, we are balling into a new age of automation where Robots do our works for us, at least humans don’t need to work themselves out to earn a living. What will happen to the millions of people who will be laid out of work? How will they survive? Will the Government provide for them? Some of them have Families to take care of, how are they going to perform their natural duties as parents when they are unemployed.

However exciting it may sound for the employers adopting a robot only factory, it may likewise turn out to be a disaster after all.


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