Chinese Woman Offered Refund after Facial Recognition Allows Colleague to Unlock iPhone X


iPhone X is not vacating the news anytime soon.

At least not until a new device that will beat its innovation shows up. Until then, Apple’s 2017 flagship phone is still the most trending phone in the industry right now.

One of the fascinating things about iPhone X is the facial recognition feature. That stuff got everybody thinking and because Apple claimed that it will only fail ones in 5 million times, everybody has been trying to find a way to prove Apple’s claim wrong.

No tangible news has surfaced showing the iPhone X’s facial recognition failing, not until this one in which it was termed that the two iPhone X smartphones involved are faulty.

That leads us to the story of this Chinese woman.

Read along.

A woman, identified only by her surname Yan, has been offered a refund after her colleague successfully unlocked her iPhone X handset because of faulty facial recognition software.

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It was actually the second time, meaning, the first iPhone X she had was also faulty, it was replaced and then this one too.

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Yan told the press that despite activating and configuring each phone’s facial recognition software, her work colleague was able to get into both devices on every attempt.

Yan said the first time it happened, she called the Apple hotline, but the staff would not believe her. Shen then went with her colleague to the nearest Apple store, where her colleague used facial recognition on the phone to demonstrate the issue to staff.

The store said the camera might be faulty and gave Yan a refund. She bought another iPhone X. But the new iPhone X that she bought also had the same problem, prompting the shop to offer another refund. No details were given about whether the woman decided to purchase a third iPhone X.

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If you were in her shoes would you have bought a third one?

Apple will definitely be looking into the problem soon and more details will be dropped soon as the event unfolds.

As for me and my family, we are still flexing our fingerprint sensor on the back of our phones.


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