6 Common Blogging Mistakes Hurting Your Chances For Success


People always get it wrong about what blogging really means and what it takes to be a blogger. They think so far you are a blogger you must really be on a bed of roses. They think it is a “get rich quick” type of thing.

So many newbie bloggers venture into the blogosphere, set up a blog on the free blogger platform, copy and paste articles from authority blogs in their niche or blogs that are doing fairly well, then they spam facebook groups to get the traffic they need.

These bloggers fail to understand that there is more to blogging than how simple and milk and honey they think it is.

The story never ends well for them and many of them end up frustrated when google rejects their application into the google AdSense program. To so many others, frustration sets in when they try as much as possible but the success they’ve been dreaming and wishing for never comes their way.

These bloggers will always leave the blogosphere through the very same back door they came in through because they’ve been committing the most common blogging mistakes.

Are you struggling with your blog? Are you already thinking of quitting because you are not seeing the results you are expecting while venturing into the blogosphere? Read this post to the end and see if you are among the bloggers making any of these mistakes, if you are, then you really need to make some changes because you will never make it if you continue like that.

 The 6 Common Blogging Mistakes 


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  • You are a Copy and paste Blogger

Inasmuch as tapping control-C and Control V on somebody’s page to lift his/her blog post to your page is very easy. Everybody can do that, even some of us will be smart enough to edit some parts and make it appear unique so that nobody can find out you copied. You will also think nobody will notice that it is a copy and paste.

Yea, your readers might not notice your post was a copy and paste and even if the owner of the post bumps into your page to see his/her article there, maybe he will do something about it or he will just overlook it.

You are not giving yourself the room to develop if you depend on copying other people’s blog post. Google will pardon you if you link back to the original page you are copied the post from, but you are never going to rank more than that other page in the SERP. Then, if you try copying without linking back, google will for sure blacklist your blog and it will never show face again in their SERP. In this 21st century that

In this 21st century that Google search engine means the whole world to a blogger, I wonder what your blog will be doing online if it is at war with the almighty Google.

  • You spam with your comments and Links

One of the sure ways to get a lot of traffic to your blog is to share your blog post on those already made communities that your target audience comes together to discuss your niche topics.

When you just pop out from the blue and share links to your blog post without taking part in any of the topics going on there, you are tagged a spammer, or you share your blog posts on communities that have nothing to do with your niche, you are a freaky spam and the mods will either ban you from the community.

Such communities can be facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, google plus communities and so on.

Another way bloggers spam is to post spam comments on other people’s comment boxes so as to increase the backlinks to a giving page. This type of spam is so annoying  and with the help of a wp plugin called Akismet or Anti-spam by webvitalii, you will be seriously dealt with.

When you are tagged as a spammer, nobody will take your blog serious and you are never going to be seen as an authority to be reckoned with in your Niche. That will eventually harm your blog’s growth and success. Don’t allow your potential readers and blog followers to see you as a clown that goes about spamming facebook groups.

  • You Don’t Think About Improving Your Writing

Writing is like a journey that has no destination. Nobody can be a professional writer. The best writers you know today still try to improve their writing. They all started out as mediocre writers and they are as good as they are today because of their determination,  constant writing, reading and taking their lessons from the ideas from people who criticized their work.

Good writing is very important for you to be a blogger,  you are not expected to be as good as Stephen kings but don’t tear your reader’s brain open with simple grammatical flops like using “is” where you are supposed to use “are”

I used to be a terrible writer, I know I am still a terrible writer, but I am grateful for the little improvement. All thanks to constant writing.

If you find out that you have this grammar glitch, why not go back to the basics and learn from the scratch, it’s going to pay off pretty soon. Then, practice writing by writing every day. You are not going to see any major improvement in your writing if you are not writing daily.

  • You Don’t Research Your Posts

This is where newbie bloggers get it all wrong. You can’t just come out and tell us that 83% of people under 30 years now own a blog without you backing it up with the link to the exact source of the stat to validate the stats. How do you expect us to believe you?

Even if you know the topic like the back of your hand. Before writing a blog post, you really need to research on the post, look at already existing posts on the topic so as to make sure that your article agrees with what every other person has already written about that topic. Even if you are going to counter the already existing opinions about the topic, you will end up doing it smart when you research before writing.

  • You Don’t Want to get a custom domain name

Gone are the days when a blog with a .blogspot extension domain will move the pillars in the blogosphere. The blogosphere has evolved so much within the years, so many playmakers have ventured into the company, competition is at its highest peak. According to an info graph posted by Brandon Gaille on Wpvirtuoso,  152,000,000 blogs are already live on the internet and he also said that a new blog is being created somewhere in the world every half a second. For you to show up with a .blogspot URL or .wordpress.com URL, you will certainly appear like a kid to your competition, nobody is going to take you seriously.

Personally, I don’t take blogs like that serious. I take as if the person is not serious about his/her blogging career and is a matter of time before he/she falls off.

Get your blog a custom domain and appear professional. It is not expensive.

  • You didn’t narrow down your Niche

The most mistakes bloggers make can be seen here. If you are not as big as the owners of mashable.com or lifehacker.com, don’t try to set up a multi-niche blog.

The mistake so many bloggers make is that they try to cover so many topics at the same time.

You want to be an entertainment blogger, there are so many micro niches under entertainment, and each of these micro niches possess their own targetted audience.

I was part of this mistake when I first started out blogging back in 2013, I was in the health niche, I wanted to cover everything health, ranging from body fitness to skin care. What happened was that I will post an article about body fitness and my readers that find the articles interesting will sit back waiting for more. But the next day I will post about skin care, the next will be about a disease.

My readers interested in Body fitness will have to wait for weeks or sometimes, months before they get another post about body fitness. I lost them, and my blog was very scattered.

If you don’t have a team to help power a multi-blog, if you don’t have the money to hire blog post writers. You better stay off from setting up a multi-niched blog.

Ashley Faulkes on How Narrowing Your Niche Can Get You Great Results wrote so well on the benefits of narrowing down your niche.

You can set up a blog combining 2 nearly related micro niches that you know you can cover very well, but never try to cover a broad niche. You might go crazy for doing that.


You can choose to settle down and learn the right way to set up a blog that is going to be successful or you can continue with these mistakes bloggers make.

The truth is, to be a good blogger is not hard, you just need to follow blogs that are teaching about blogging, read them every day and apply the methods they state there into your day to day blog life.

Blog smart and blog better.


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