Expect the So-much anticipated in-display fingerprint sensors on Next Year’s Samsung Galaxy S9


With the smartphone industry shifting to bezeless infinity displays and the cliché pattern of brands placing their fingerprint sensors in the back, the need for something new has started to show itself.

 Currently, their is no feasible change everybody isn’t expecting these days on a smartphone than for a brand to take the fingerprint sensor and put it on a bezeless infinity display.

This year, so many smartphones were released and so many cutting edge technological features came with them. While so many of them reiterated on something that has already been there, very few like the Apple iPhone X did something extraordinarily different. 

One of the new technologies would have been the in-display fingerprint sensors which would have arrived with the Samsung Galaxy S8. 

But due to some delays the technology wasn’t ready as if the time the Smartphone was supposed to launch so it launched without it and Samsung had to put launch the phone with the traditional fingerprint sensor at the back.

But, nevertheless, synaptics, the company behind the in-display fingerprint sensor and also manufactures touch controllers, display drivers and more has announced that it has successfully made an in-display fingerprint sensor  has announced that the component is fully ready and is already undergoing mass production with one of the top 5 OEM which is Samsung.

You should expect this feature in next year’s Samsung galaxy flagship which has been ripped off to be “galaxy s9”
Synaptics called the component, Clear ID FS9500 optical in-display fingerprint sensor and said it is only designed for smartphones with infinity display and will not disturb you from using your smartphone screen as it “magically activates only when needed.”

It works on wet, dry and cold fingers. 

Synaptics also stated that the Clear ID is twice as fast as the 3D facial biometrics on the new Apple iPhone X. This is a claim that will need verification before you can take it in.

With the industry quickly shifting to bezeless displays, the natural home of sensors will have to be on the display. I think that’s what the future is going to be.

If you will prefer the fingerprint on the back as usual rather than on the display, kindly use the comment box and tell us why. 


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