Facebook Copycat: Is it Time For Snap Inc to Bow out from the Game and Sell Off?


Asumming you are Snapchat CEO’s personal advisor, will you advice him to bow out from the game and sell out?

I guess that’s what so many of us will do after taking into consideration what happened to Yahoo back in the days when things where more rosy for them until young google took the flag away.

Words on the streets have it that snap-chat might face the same fate to Facebook as Yahoo did to Google.

Come to think of it, almost all the features that makes snap-chat unique can now be found on Facebook and its sisters; whatApp and instagram.

The recent one that raised people’s eyebrows is that of Facebook copying Snapchat’s face filters and putting it on instagram. Now instagram users can now use the face filter feature on their faces; doing the dog ear and cat filter stuff that made snapchat amazing.

I even heard that the feature now on instagram is more advanced than that of snapchat and that a feature called, “Rewind,” a camera mode that will reverse any action  can also be spotted on instagram.

In my previous post concerning this topic, Facebook Is Stealing From Snapchat. Here Is How Snapchat Is Going To Fight back, I made clear the features Facebook copied from snapchat and the projects they have used it on. Also in the post I also gave a screenshot of mark Zuckerberg’s email to Snapchat co-founder, Evan Spielberg, asking him to sell snapchat to him, and the 26 years old Snap Inc CEO turned the offer down.

Could this be the reason why Mark took a step forward to copy all the features he found attractive from Snapchat to his platforms. Is it just because he finds them attractive and wants to build his platform and make his users more attracted to it?

Or, is he copying snapchat features just to punish snapchat and frustrate it into selling off?

If the former is the reason why Facebook copy features from Snap Inc, then it ain’t that bad, Picasso once said “Good artists copy, great artists steal”

Which ever way, I don’t see the people behind snapchat bowing down to the pressure at all.

Listen to this below…

“Just Because Yahoo, Has A Search Box, It Doesn’t Mean They’re Google” – Snap Inc CEO’s response to Facebook’s incessant copy of his features.

The words above doesn’t look like what will come out from somebody who is under pressure and fear of his company becoming the next yahoo.

As of recent, Snap Inc is really making it big even with the copycat obstacle posed by Facebook, and I believe they have a wonderful idea cooking up behind doors to entertain and sustain their users.

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