Facebook Is Stealing From Snapchat. Here Is How Snapchat Is Going To Fight back


Few days ago, the internet’s attention was directed towards Facebook and Snapchat when the news that Facebook is stealing some of Snapchat’s key features and putting it on its Instagram and Messenger.

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Previously, Facebook has offered to buy Snap Inc for $3 Billion which the 25 years old Snapchat CEO and Co-founder, Evan Thoman Spiegel blatantly rejected the offer.

The young CEO ones received an email from Mark Zuckerberg in the year 2012 concerning Snapchat. Screenshot below

Now, Mark Zuckerberg is ripping every amazing feature off the 600 Million Monthly viewed camera app to port them into his Instagram and Messenger App. These features can already be found on Facebook’s products and they include Camera effects, a new option called  Facebook Direct and Facebook stories. If you are conversant with Snapchat, you will notice that these features are clearly rip-offs from Snapchat which are Snapchat Filter, Snapchat Snaps, and Snap Stories.

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This move by Facebook have left so many people wondering, how will Snapchat survive this robbery, because, ones big uncle Facebook steals all of its unique features and puts it on its his platform, Snapchat users that are also active on Facebook will be left with no tangible reason to visit Snapchat again and we all know what that means, Snapchat will be history.

But, before Snap INC looses it all, they are not going to let the rope go so easily, they have this die-hard spirit and they brought that spirit to life on April 1 as they announced that they are revamping the way users search for stories – this refers to the daily photos and videos that people and brands post to their accounts. They also have a little touch to add to their advertising revenue stream.

As we all know, Snapchat’s search bar is only used for finding accounts to follow or accounts to chat with which has an alternative to just selecting the friends you want to chat with from the list of friends you frequently converse with. But with this new search bar feature, users can both search for accounts to follow, stories to watch based on topics. Users can now look at photos and videos ranging from sports games, events and even their local bar, whether or not they are friends with the person who posted it.

This feature might not look so amazing to you at first, but it will make more sense and useful when you get to start using them.

Hope Facebook will stay away from Snapchat and leave their future new features to them also.



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