Facebook messenger Is Now Compatible With Android Auto



Facebook has announced that Android Auto has been integrated on their Messenger app now.

Android Auto as the name sounds allows drivers to easily and safely access features like navigation, music and messaging on their phones while driving. This can be achievable through a mobile app or a supported built-in vehicle display.

This new Messenger integration enables people with Android Auto to listen to and reply to messages using voice commands.

Here’s how it works

With Facebook messenger installed on your smartphone, when a message comes in, you have 3 options to utilize while responding to your new message, 

  • Read the message over the car’s speakers,
  • Reply with a pre-written response (along with the lines of “I’m driving, talk to you later,”)
  • Reply hands-free with your voice.

You can choose any of these options with sole voice, making it a truly hands-free interface.

In addition, any smartphone screen can be turned into the hands-free interface with larger UI buttons, simplified app control, and glance-able notifications. All you need is a way to hook your smartphone up to your speakers, whether it’s via Bluetooth or AUX output.

Android Auto will play your messages for you; simply touch the speaker icon to hear the message read aloud. 

Source: Facebook Messenger



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