First iTM (Interactive Teller machine) Officially Launched In Africa By Nedbank



An interactive ATM machine as its name designates is an ATM machine that have effectively transforms a conventional ATM into an interactive on-screen banking session.

The machine allows card-less deposits and withdrawals exceeding conventional ATM limits and enables clients to interact with a video Teller while transacting.

For conveniece sake, a branch staff who will be called a service champion will be around to view the clients’ details and allow clients to experience a more personalised interaction when transacting with the self-service ATM machines.

Today, the new iTM (Interactive teller machine ) has been launched in the African continent by Nedbank. Nedbank interactive ATM is the second of its kind in the world.

Nedbank is one of the largest banks in south Africa, with its headquarters located in Johannesburg.

Brian Duguid, Nedbank Integrated Channels Managing Executive states,

“As a bank for all, we are committed to providing clients with value banking through innovative ways that create safe, convenient and memorable client experiences. This cutting edge device provides clients with an additional channel to engage a teller”

The Interactive Teller Machine also boasts of industry leading security features such as built-in ID and signature authentication. Which lead Duduid to add that,

“Safety in banking is a pivotal organisational imperative for us. Nedbank will continue to reassure clients by investing in newer, tighter and simpler security features on our devices because we take their money seriously,”


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