Good Phone equals Big Sales: Samsung Galaxy S8 Sales Beyond 5 Million Units


The new Samsung flagship phone, Samsung galaxy S8 and S8 plus was released on 21 April and just 26 days after its release, Samsung reports sales of over 5 million units, according to a Korean site The Investor.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The smartphone can be found in several key markets across the globe including Nigeria. However, Samsung has confirmed that the number will grow to 120 million by the end of May.

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The investor got to talk with an unnamed Samsung official who refused to give out full details about the stats. The official stated that the sales are going smoothly around the globe and the combined sales already are beyond 5 million units.

The Samsung galaxy S8 is performing more than its predecessor, Galaxy S7 in sales. Samsung sold 11.8 million Galaxy S7 devices in the first half of 2016 according to Strategy Analytics. Samsung has also said that preorders for the S8 and the larger S8 Plus outpaced preorders for last year’s S7 and S7 Edge.

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It feels so good to hear that the galaxy note 7 battery fiasco last year didn’t harm Samsung’s reputation.

So many tech analysts had it going that Samsung will get it all bad this year due to the note 7, but they actually fixed the note 7 and brought out a newly refurbished edition of the galaxy note 7 known as Galaxy note 7 FE( refurbished edition) which is expected to go on sale by the end of next month.

Samsung galaxy note 7 FE (refurbished edition)

Samsung got it all bad last year, but the smartphone giants figured out their mistakes and got back to their feet. They are on their way to recover everything they lost to their failed note 7.

Let us watch as galaxy S8’s sale continues to skyrocket.


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