Google Assistant is about to get better. See the Jaw breaking New Features Added


I love Google assistant and I guess you do too. But I have always wished it’s more intelligent and naturally social than it is right now.

That was my wish all these while using Assistant until finally, Google read my mind and starts working to not only make the assistant easier to use they would also make it smarter and more natural than it’s right now.

Just a few days after the company announced that the virtual assistant now works with over 5,000 smart devices, Google just added that the Assistant will soon not only sound more natural, you’ll be able to have a conversation with it almost the same way you will converse with your fellow human being.

Hence, Google announced a few new features for Assistant during it’s Google I/O keynote. The company termed its new conversational feature on Google assistant, “Continued Conversation.”

According to Google, the Assistant knows when you’re talking to it and answers accordingly.

The statement above brings to mind two interpretation. Some people understood it that Google will always be listening after you say the wake word.

While to others, the ability to talk to Google Assistant more like they’d talk to a person should make the tool much easier to use and, hence, more useful.

The update is also a sign that the more useful virtual assistants become, the more privacy concerns will crop up.

In addition to this new conversational feature added by Google, Google will also be updating the way that Assistant sounds. This will make the Assistant sound less like a robot and more like a real human all thanks to updated artificial intelligence.

The most interesting part of these new features added is that Google will also be adding six new voices, and John Legend’s voice will be incorporated into Assistant later this year.

Also, adding to the already long list of new features, Assistant will soon try to teach kids how to be polite with a new opt-in feature called “Pretty Please.”

That means if you ask Assistant nicely to do something for you, Assistant will answer back politely.

With this feature, Google is trying to tell us that manners are essential even when talking to machines. They deserve respect too.

Google showed off a bunch of visual features for Assistant—one of them is in form of a dial which appears when you ask to adjust your smart thermometer or seeing a picture when you do a voice search. There will also be visual Assistant integration into Google Maps.

A good number of these updates were announced earlier this year, and some are already live.

But Google is talking up the first Assistant-enabled smart displays from Lenovo, JBL, and LG which will go on sale in July.

Finally, Google showcased a weird but futuristic “Robocall feature” for Assistant that’s still under development. This feature is called Duplex.


To wrap it up, Google recently showed off a demo where Assistant called and talked to humans on the other end of the line in order to do basic things like making a hair appointment or a restaurant reservation.

These new robocall feature will be so nice experience but Google failed to announce would be rolled out. But the company said the other Assistant updates will roll out in the coming weeks



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