Lone Hacker Breaks Into Google Brazil’s Security, Defaces Domain


Ever since I got to know what google search engine is all about and its power and authority on the internet. I kept on asking myself, “is it even possible for the search engine to be hacked?”

Finally, it happened, and just like a movie, the news sounded more like a Hollywood film trick to me. But is was 100% real.

On Tuesday, a hacker by the online name of “Kuroi’SH” hacked and defaced the official Google Brazil domain.

He left a defaced page along with a message that reads:

“It is a great moment to die. Hacked by Kuroi’SH! Two Google at once, I don’t even care; f**k the jealous hates such as Nofawkx. Two Google at once world record idgaf :D. Greets to my friends Prosox & Shinobi h4xor.”

The page was up for more than 30 minutes before the issue was resolved and now the page has been restored:

According to an exclusive conversation with Kuroi’SH via Hackread:

“Google Brazil was defaced to show the world everything can be hacked and we should not underestimate our security risks.”

But, in another story, Google Brazil fully acknowledged the defacement of the domain but denied the Google Brazil being hacked “Google has not been hacked. But DNS servers may have suffered an attack, redirecting to other sites.” That was what google posted on their Twitter handle.


Below is a video demonstration that showed Google Brazil’s defacement:


According to Hackread, this is not the first time hackers have toiled with Google’s service, In this similar hijacking case that took place last month and disrupted access to Google’s Bangladesh homepage.

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