Google Drive Has Been Redesigned Using Material Design, Here’s The New Looks


Google has not been the type of company that redesigns the user interface of its products frequently. In fact, it’s been long since any app from G suite has been redesigned.

Recently, Google has been updating nearly all its G Suite apps ever since announcing them at the recently concluded Google I/O 2018 conference.

Gmail is the first as Google has already released the new Gmail design, now it has started revamping its Drive interface.

In a blog post posted by Google concerning its G Suite Updates, the ‘new’ Google Drive UI has been changed only for the web and not for its app versions. The new design will not by any means change the way you use Drive; the redesign just involves color changes and changes to where icons and buttons are placed. While the functionality remains the same across the cloud storage service, some icons and buttons will be moved to a different location.

The redesign adheres to the new material design principles revealed by the search giant recently.

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In the blog post, Google stated that they built the new interface to create a responsive and efficient experience for Google Drive users and for the service to feel cohesive with other G Suite products, such as the recently redesigned Gmail.

Here are some of the notable changes mentioned by Google include:

  • The logo on the top left has been changed to the Google Drive logo.

  • If you’ve added a custom company logo, it is now on the top right.

  • The Settings icon has been moved in line with the search bar.
  • The Help Center icon has been moved in line with the search bar.
  • The page background is now white, not gray.
  • The “New” button has been updated.
  • The font used for headers has been changed.

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Meanwhile, unlike the normal way in which Google usually introduce their newest designs on a product, users don’t need to click a special “try the new Google Drive” button to see and use the new interface, this was how Google is introducing the new Gmail design. The new design will be immediately available to all users within the next few days. So the next time you log on Google drive, you are likely to be seeing a different user interface design, very different from what you’ve been accustomed to before.

As Google announced at the IO 2018 conference, it will also be rolling out updates to its Assistant, Lens, News and other apps in the coming weeks and months.


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