Google Finally Makes Google Earth Available In VR


I’ve got great news for you.

Google just broke into something great that they’ve been trying to perfect on for a very long time.

The virtual whole-earth model that Google has been trying to perfect on just got real. Google earth is now available in virtual reality.

You can now walk through real city streets, fly through canyons and teleport for real to anywhere in the world all in an amazing VR experience.

Google Earth - Flying
Flying in Google earth VR

The new Google earth VR massively covers the entire 196.9 million square miles of our planet and if you get confused that you don’t know where to start your VR tours from, Google has included its own curated destinations to amazing places like Amazon River, downtown Manhattan, the Grand Canyon and the ruins of Rome.

Google made the initial release free and it is now available on Steam, google earth is launching first on HTC Vive headset but will be available for more platforms by next year. So users with compatible HTC Vive headsets can explore the red planet and the blue one without leaving their living room.

With Google Earth, the world was smaller but with Google earth VR the world will be smaller. You will not be putting the whole world inside your smartphone and be able to access it any part of the world, any time and from anywhere, now, you can be able to be in any part of the world, anytime and from anywhere



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