Google to Introduce YouTube “Remix” in 2018, a Spotify Competitor Music Streaming App


Google is actually getting its fingers dirty on every field in the world of technology. The Tech giant is trying to retain its supremacy and this is the only way it’s done in this industry; if you really want to survive. Spread out your winds like that of a Falcon so that your presence and supremacy will be felt on every nukes and crannies that makes the heart of the industry beat.

Google is not letting Spotify or Apple music continue drinking the streaming music juice all alone. So it will be introducing its own music streaming platform to compete with these worthy competitors.

Mind you, this is not the first time Google is making a move to venture into the music streaming field, they’ve tried with Google Play Music and so on, these platforms never gave Google the grip it needed to hold on tight to the music streaming space. This time around, they look so serious about it and they are not letting go.

Consider this app another attempt by Google to mend fences with the music industry. Fences which Google play music was only able to put tiny bricks on.

For ages, Spotify has been the first go-to for music lovers when it comes to music streaming, and Apple music follows suit, Google on the other hand has been dabbling around with Youtube music and Google play music for a very long time and these two platforms have failed to secure a solid ground for Google on the music industry. Google has decided to introduce a different platform to fill in that gap and get its name engraved boldely on the chest of the music streaming world. 

This new service would include both Google Play Music-like on-demand streaming, plus video clips.

Currently, Google is in talks with major music producers in the world in order to secure advantageous contracts for the new platform. These producers can include Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group and when they are done, getting other intermediate producers on wouldn’t be a hassle.

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Rumors emanating from the pit of rumors indicated that the Service will have an advantage over Spotify.  What else were you expecting from Google? This is one of the biggest Tech company in the whole world, if not the first, and they are bound to have at least one or two things that differentiates and makes their products better than the competition, that’s why they are among the best. 

According to the rumors, in addition to listening to the songs of your favorite artists, you can also view video clips in a very quick and user-appealing way.

The new service which will be announced by March 2018 will definitely vibrate the music streaming world and might leave some age long players displaced. Let’s not forget that Spotify is being used on Google home and Google might want to swap Spotify’s space on Google home with their own Youtube “Remix” product.

We don’t know what the future holds for this field yet, but a very big shake is about to go down next year. It might leave Spotify gasping for breath if the music streaming kingpin service fails to improve more and introduce features that will keep users from switching to this coming Google product. 


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