3 Reasons Google’s Chrome browser isn’t the Best Browser for your PC

Google chrome browser

It is not arguable that Google Chrome browser is the most popular browser in the whole world. According to study, more than half of the world’s population that owns or uses a PC uses and prefers Google Chrome to any other browser.

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This popularity and excess usage although has a lot to do with the fact that Chrome is owned by Google which turns out to own 80% of the products that power our presence online thereby using chrome makes integrating with this products and services very easy; Google Chrome is still a very nice browser worth every accolade awarded to it.

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Chrome packs a lot of features and tools which can also be extended with the help of extensions. Most of this features we use them every day and we don’t even know what they are or we don’t even know they exist at all. The aim of this post is to bring to the surface everything every Google Chrome user should know about this amazing browser. This will help you harness the full power of Chrome.

First, before we start, let me waste a few words and lines to describe a little bit about how Google Chrome came into existence.

Have you heard of Chromium? That’s the open-source browser software Google developed Chromium from. I will like to refer to it as the original form of the Chrome you see today until Google picked up this open source code and worked on it, adding the amazing features you are enjoying today.

There is a browser also called Chromium, this browser is the original browser created with the main source-codes that Google too to develop Chrome. Although the two are different when it comes to features, they are the same when it comes to looks and feel, a non-techy kind of person will not find any difference.

Chrome is also the name giving to Google’s desktop operating system known as Chrome OS. Most people are engulfed with either Windows, Mac or Linux OS so they don’t even know Chrome OS exists.

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With that aside, let’s step into our topic proper.

Disadvantages of Using Chrome as your Main Browser

Any Software existing in the technological realm has its own glitches and dark parts, even Google’s best products are not an exception.

The whole world might be going SO COOL on Google Chrome browser but everything isn’t as melodious as we all sing along to it.

RAM and CPU Usage:

This is one thing that Chrome developers haven’t been able to fix and it gives so many people a headache. Chrome as a browser is very heavy and no technology has been set aside to bring down its weight on your PC’s RAM. This will always bring your computer to a crawl whenever you load Chrome and it will be more disappointing if you are running Chrome from a computer that is a lower spec.

To solve this problem time I will resort to using a lightweight browser like Opera and save myself the frustration.

There are two ways to know the amount of RAM your Chrome is using, you can go to your Windows Task Manager and you will see the bulk of RAM space your Chrome is consuming. Then the second way is to use Chrome’s own Task Manager.


Chrome is a Battery Drainer

There are so many browsers out there and Chrome is just one of them that happened to be owned by a huge tech and software company.  Out of all these browsers, Chrome consumes the most amount of battery.


Your Privacy and Data is at stake

With Chrome, your data is not private or secure. Even Chrome will always give you a notification that it’s sending your usage data to Google servers. The problem is that you don’t know which data is being sent to Google; sometimes data you would have held secure at all cost will filter in and be sent to Google.

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