How To Find Your Voice as a Blogger and Stand Out From The Noise In Your Niche


Everybody find this type of feeling depressing, I am referring to that feeling you get after sitting down for hours  in front of your PC, punching the keys on your keyboard as if they are your opponent in a boxing competition and it is a fight to the death, you ended up producing the blog post that you thought the internet will go gaga about.

You finally relax after publishing and you did a couple of promotions on the social media that you feel will put your post in front of your audience. Only for you to come back after the whole day to see that you just got only a miserable 2 visitors on your stats. Maybe one of the visits actually came from you.

 You feel dead, you feel like the whole world is treating you like a lost cat that found itself in the middle of a pack of lions.

The thing is, the internet is already busy and over crowded. The number of blogs out there can be so intimidating. As of the year 2013, the number of blogs out there has been estimated to be 152 million and according to Worldometer, they are churning out a fluctuating amount of 4.2 million blog posts daily, the numbers will only keep on increasing as more and more people step into the industry.

With all these blog owners, with their different voices, just like you and me, they are shouting into the web so as to be heard. I guess if the web has an ear as we the humans do, it must have gone deaf long ago.

These loud voices are made up of 4.2 million blog contents that we bloggers (you, me and them) churn out on daily basis. We all want to be heard, nobody wants his or her blog post to be swept under the carpet and not read.  

You are not alone, even the experts you know today passed through this type of frustration. They all got their own share from the bitter cake. It was like that for each and every one of them until something happened, something they are not going to tell you just like that. This thing changed their blogging world from looking like  the cold, dusty and lonely world to the green and  beautiful world they are living in now.

So, what happened to them? They discovered their voice and their destined audience started hearing them and following them.

You see, for you to elevate from the state your blog is in now you need to find your voice and keep on developing on it. Your voice is the only thing that differentiates you from the other bloggers making noise in your Niche.

What is voice?

Your voice as a blogger is not that voice that you voice out your speech with. Your voice as a blogger is that voice your readers hear inside their head when they read and assimilate your post. It comes with a unique tone, aura, and rhythm attached to it.

There are 14 possible voices a blogger can assume when writing his/her blog posts, Jeff Goins stated it out properly.

The first voice is the voice of a Professor; a Professor research topic, studies the topic and comes up with a hypothesis and he teaches in an authoritative type of voice. 

A blogger that is using this type of voice and using it properly is always seen as the Niche authority or a thought leader. So many of us have tried to use this voice, while very few have succeeded in it, so many other have failed woefully. 

The voice of an Artist; an artist is moved by the beauty of the topic or industry. He feels good about telling stories, trying to inspire people to take actions. He is always talking about the topic from the perspective of how beautiful it is.

The voice of a Prophet: This is that person that blogs with the voice of a prophet, he tells the cold, blatant and ugly truth no matter how anybody will feel or react to it. This type of blogger is always hated because he will always call people out. He is the one that bursts myths that everybody is trying hard to avoid saying.

Journalist: This type of blogger, gathers ideas, curates ideas and presents them to his readers in his own voice. Most of the ideas are not his own and to be a good journalist, you just need to learn how to cite your sources. Most bloggers fit into this category.

Celebrity: This type of blogger is charismatic. People want to read their blog to know their opinion about a topic. It is more about their personality and what they have to say, or their feelings concerning a particular topic.

What You Need To Know

Here is the gist, for any of the voices you have chosen to surround and voice your blog posts out to the world with, there will always be an audience reserved for you and they will definitely listen to you and read your blog post.

Most people just naturally start blogging in their own perfect voice without trying so hard to find it while others go the wrong path by blogging with a voice that they are not cut out for.

Some people might be combining, two or more voices in their blogs and it is working perfectly for them.

You just have to find your blogging voice and develop it, stop sounding like another person.

When you find your blogging voice, you will build a community around you, these people will be your audience and they can only expand.

How To find your blogging voice

  • What you need to do is just to be your true and original self. Don’t try to imitate anybody.
  • Write as if your ideal reader is sitting down in front of you and you are telling him about your topic with your mouth. Just write as if you are talking.
  • Write your posts the way that makes you feel comfortable the most, that is the only voice your true and potential readers can hear and understand what you are trying to say.

 “ There is no one alive that is Youer than You” – Dr. Suess

How to know if you are not blogging with your voice

You find it a pleasure when creating your blog post, you see there is no work doing so. 

When you find your voice you will start feeling good under your own skin and you will write authoritatively on any topic you are tackling, even if it the topic is a borrowed idea.



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