No Free Space On iPhone? See How To Free Up Space Without Deleting Apps Or Photos

how to free up space on iphone

How to free up space on iPhone – With the coming of the new Apple flagship iPhone 7 smartphone line, iPhone users get an increased storage space which extends up to 256GB. You can either get the 16GB version, 32GB, 64GB variants on lower iPhone devices, but only the iPhone 7 comes with the tremendous 256GB with the 16GB variant scrapped.

So bad, the increase in storage space comes an increase in the price of an iPhone device. Meaning, the price you will get an iPhone device highly depends on the internal storage capacity.

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Owning an iPhone that has a high storage space is not meant for the weak in the pocket. So for those of us that are currently using an iPhone and could only afford the small storage versions, what are we going to do when our small 16GB or 32GB isn’t enough to contain our files.

how to free up space on iphone

Unlike iOS’s closest competitors, the Androids, where most of the smartphones running on that OS can contain an external storage space that is extendable up to 128GB, the iPhone only comes with its internal storage and that’s all.

If you’re running low on space and you can delete any more of your files because almost all of them are just so important to you and also you can’t afford to buy an iPhone with more storage space, there’s a quick way to free up some space instantly without uninstalling or deleting any of your important apps or files.

Head to iTunes and try to download an app that its size is very big. This app must have a size bigger than the remaining free space on your iPhone.

As you are downloading it, head straight to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Available. Here, you’ll see that your storage space will be going up and down, and eventually, the size of each application should start reducing.

how to free up space on iphone

Allow the download to be complete then you go and delete it or uninstall it. Doing this alone will boost your free storage space to at least contain a few more important files, somebody went from 700MB available free storage space to 2.29GB free storage space.

This will work because iOS apps maintain a cache which includes so many files. Individually, an average app’s cache isn’t big but if you have one too many apps with even a moderate cache, you will be losing storage space to it.

When downloading a large app and your iPhone is currently lacking on space to fit the new app into, iOS attempts to make room for it by deleting app caches. This is where the free space comes from. You can delete the app you’ve downloaded because at first you never needed it and there’s no harm done. Even if you don’t need the space for more apps, clearing app caches will likely speed your phone up a bit.

Unlike Android devices in which you can manually clear apps caches. It’s so unfortunate that there’s no way for users to manually delete app caches in iPhone devices.



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