How to Recover Deleted Files on Android Smartphones [Root or No Root]

How to Recover Deleted Files on Android Smartphones

Mistakes are unavoidable. The best of us have in one way or the other done things that we’ve regretted ever doing.

The same scenario can also happen with your day to day interaction with your Android smartphone. You must admit, most of the files you’ve deleted are unintentional and you have always wished you can get them back.

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What is that thing that you’ve mistakenly deleted from your Android smartphone?

Is it that picture you thought you are not going to need anymore?

Is it that photo your friend took with your phone and you deleted it thinking he/she is not going to ask about it again only to receive an IM message from him asking you to send the picture over?

Or, is it the video you deleted the previous day but today you are longing to watch it again?

Or the music?

The list can keep on going down and we are not going to treat our topic: How to Recover Deleted Files on Android Smartphones.

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Of course, we human beings; we have this outrageous nature of not putting a value on the things we have until we lose them.

But don’t worry; the file you threw into the trash can by clicking on the delete button on your phone is on its way back to your phone’s memory.

Normally when you delete something from your PC, the file never gets deleted actually; they just go and sit moodily in your Pc’s recycle bin.

The same thing happens o your Android phone. The files you deleted doesn’t get deleted, they just sit somewhere inside your phone’s memory, somewhere called the blank zone, away from your eyes.

While your PC has the recycle bin visible, your Android doesn’t. All you need is a third party tool that will explore the blank zone and then restore your file back.

There are so many of them, with this post, I will be showing you the few that have been tested and have always worked on various occasions.

Let’s make the move and explore the dark hole you threw your deleted file into.

Are you ready?

I guess you are…

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Note: You are advised to stop using your phone after you’ve mistakenly deleted the file and decided to recover it back, especially for sending and receiving messages, capturing pictures, video recording or any other operation that may produce a considerable amount of data. Reason being that new data might overwrite the older ones you are trying to recover.

How to restore deleted file in android

List of Some PC software that can recover your deleted files on Android.

  1. Mobikin Doctor for Android
  2. FonePaw Android Data Recovery
  3. iSkysoft ToolBox _ Android Data Recovery
  4. Forecovery Android Data Recovery
  5. FoneDog ToolKit – Android Data Recovery
  6. Gihosoft Samsung Recovery Project


List of Best Android Apps to recover Deleted files.

  • Undeleter for Root users
  • Dumpster Image and video restore
  • DiskDigger Undelete
  • Hexamob Recovery Lite
  • Android – Recycle Bin


For the simplicity of this post, I will be showing the tutorial of data recovery using the Mobikin Doctor for Android. All the tools stated above in the PC section almost works the same way. Just make sure your debugging option is on.

Here we go…


  • Connect your phone to your computer via your USB cord. MobiKin will access your phone. Follow the instructions as shown on your PC’s screen. Make sure your USB debug option is switched on.

  • As shown below, MobiKin has recognized your device and shown some of your phone’s details. Here you have to choose the type of files you want to recover.

  • After a while, your lost data will appear on the screen.


  • Initiate the recovery and sit back as your lost files are recovered.


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The Android Apps I listed above for recovering deleted files are good to carry out the task but there are some downsides to them.

The probability that they will do justice to the task is so small compared to that of the PC software.

So, try as much as possible to use the PC Softwares listed above.


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