HQ Trivia Is Now Available for Android Users (In Beta)

HQ Trivia

Most App developers will always possess this bad habit of ignoring the Android platform because of reasons best known to them and Android users don’t like the feeling when a very good App shows up exclusively for iOS. It’s never a good feeling when you are left out of something delicious, is it?

HQ trivia, one of the biggest Apps on iOS which proved to be a hit immediately on release has finally settled to appease both Android users and also iOS users.

HQ TRIVIA on Android

The developers of HQ trivia after weeks of hard work have finally released the (in beta) app on the Google Play Store.

In case you don’t know, HQ Trivia is a free trivia app which has players answering a series of multiple-choice questions. If you answer incorrectly you’re knocked out, but anyone able to answer all 12 questions correctly gets to share in the prize money. And, unlike Bitcoin, it’s real money too.

The Android version was launched on new year’s eve by intermedia labs and there is an available game to play every day by 9 PM EST and during weekdays at 3 PM EST.

On the launch date, they made $18,000 available for grab which will always be lesser on a normal day.

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Here is something to take note of about the HQ Trivia android version.  HQ Trivia is currently only available under “Early Access“. And when you visit the app’s page on the Google Play Store you will see a clear notice, “may be unstable”. Still, if you’re willing to take a chance on an app that’s still in development you could earn a few extra bucks.


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