How to Identify Songs in YouTube Videos and Download Them Easily

identify songs in youtube videos

On YouTube, it’s one thing to like a video’s background music and another thing to identify songs in YouTube videos.

They say, “music heals the soul” and that’s why you would like to download and re-listen to songs that you like, again and again; allowing them to complete their soul-healing process.

YouTube didn’t make any provision for you to see the name of songs unless you are so lucky and the YouTuber includes the name on the video description, but that’s unlikely because that space is where they further promote their stuff or sell things to you.

Without boring you out, let’s head to the meat and potatoes of this post.

Here are some tricks to help you find the name of the song that was used in a YouTube video you just finished streaming.

We have a handful of them. Do sit down, fasten your seatbelt and make yourself comfortable.

6 Ways to Identify Songs in YouTube Videos

Use YouTube

YouTube has this YouTube’s Audio Swap Library that can help you identify songs in youtube videos. You could be so lucky and the YouTube video included its background music from this library. If that’s the case, determining the name of the music will be very easy.

To do this, make sure you are on the YouTube video page, click on the video statistics button which can be located below the video player and you will see the information about the video in details.

This information will most of the time include the name of the song, the artist, album, and genre. Armed with the details you can head out to iTunes or Spotify to hunt down the music itself.

Note: This option will only work for video that its background music was included from YouTube’s Audio Swap Library. If not, head over to option two.


Use Music Identification Apps and Services:

If the background music is a popular one or it’s from a popular musician, you can use one of the music identification apps around; eg, Shazam and Audentifi, to identify the name of the song.

You can either install Shazam on your phone, launch the app, then head over to your laptop or desktop to play the YouTube video over again. Or, you can use another phone to play the video and allow Shazam listen to the video from your own phone.

The idea here is that the music identification app you are using need to hear the music play.

In the case of Audentifi, which is another service similar to Shazam but more tailored to Identify Songs in YouTube Videos. It also helps identify music online.

Just copy the YouTube URL and paste it into the box, after scanning, it will spit out the name of the song.

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Most music identification apps, especially Shazam can listen to and identify even instrumentals. Shazam is free but if you have a couple of dollars to spend around you can use the help of some paid music identifiers. Some are online based, a good example is the online YouTube song finder called, Moomash.


Use Twitter:

twitter search box

If the above option didn’t work, you can call on the help of the micro-blogging platform, Twitter. Twitter can be of help here.

All you need to do is to copy the video id into your clipboard (Note: Video ID not URL!) Paste it in the twitter search bar and search.

Most of the time, you will see all the tweets that mentioned the video pop up. Hopefully, you might come across one that mentioned the name of the song.

This is also a good idea if you had it in mind to get more information about the video. You can as well contact people who mentioned the video, asking for further clues about the video.


Ask Google:

What was I thinking when I didn’t include the almighty Google in the first option? If the twitter search box can be of help why won’t the big G?

google search box

Google can be of help here. All you need to do is to figure out a few words used in one line from the lyrics.

Plug it into your Google search box and the name of the song will always pop up. This has always been the best option if the song isn’t an instrumental.

With the name, you can now head out to look for a suitable means to download or purchase the music.


Use Your Chrome Browser:

You can also use your chrome browser to find the background song used on a YouTube video.

To do this you have to employ the use of the appropriate chrome extension, AHA Music – Music Identifier will do the job just fine.


Check The YouTube Video’s Description and Comments:

The last option is to check through the comments dropped by users on the YouTube video. One of them might drop the name of the video.

But this is rare, they would be busy commenting about the video itself and not the music.


This is 2018 and there should be an App around that can extract only the background music of a YouTube video and download it.

There are so many YouTube Video Downloaders around, I use Tubemate on my Android.

But while most of them come with the ability to download just the Audio of a video, none can possibly extract only the music playing on the background and download it.

They can only be useful to our quest when the YouTuber didn’t use his voice to obstruct the background music and this is so unlikely, ie if you want to download music from youtube.

In conclusion, here are the options available to identify the name of the background music used on that YouTube video. I believe one or two or almost all of them will be able to fetch you the details to the music you are looking for.

In case all the steps you’ve taken Identify Songs in YouTube Videos have failed,  you just have to swallow your ego and ask the YouTuber himself through the comment section on the video’s page while tagging his name.

Let’s just hope your quest to uncover the name of that music won’t come to this last and final option.



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