The Era of exploding Smartphones is not yet over: Watch Video of new iPhone 7 bursting into flames in owners hand.


If you’ve been following closely with the events that occurred last year in the smartphone world, you will realize that Samsung received the year hot on a plate of their burning new Galaxy note7. The smartphone was supposed to be one of the best smartphones last year, but due to the events that surrounded the smartphone immediately after it was released, the phone didn’t live to see its popularity trend as it was supposed to be.

When Samsung called for the return and replacement, we thought that was the end of smartphones that will explode while in users hands. But it was not only Samsung going through such dilemma; Apple was suffering the same too.

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Last month, it was reported that an iPhone 7, which was released in September last year, owned by a student in New Jersey caught fire right inside his back pocket.

Still last month, several iPhone 6S(s) were reported to have exploded in China too and Apple has stated and confirmed that the iPhone 6S has had battery issues. Also, that a replacement program for affected customers is currently ongoing.

In December 2016, Apple released a statement about several iPhone 6s in China catching fire and blamed it on external factors.

A spokeswoman said: ‘The units we’ve analyzed so far have clearly shown that external physical damage happened to them which led to the thermal event.’

She added that Apple was widening its investigation into the power-down issue.
The latest incident just occurred recently. A video was by CCTV footage in an unknown location shows two men casually talking to each other in a phone repair shop.

One of them had his iPhone 7 in his hand, and while he was scrolling through his phone, it exploded suddenly without warning.

A huge burst of light could be seen as the phone burst into flames in the Man’s hand.

He immediately threw the phone to the ground, and his friend started stepping on it to shut down the fire.

The iPhone 7 appeared to be in charging mode just before it exploded.

Watch Video below

With all these things happening; we could see that the era of smartphones bursting into flames is yet to come to an end. We all thought it ended in 2016 with Samsung’s Galaxy note7, but the worst is still yet to come.


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