iPhone X is Here, What’s the Next Big Device on Apple’s Mind?

iPhone X is here, what’s the next big device on Apple’s mind

iPhone X is here, what’s the next big device on Apple’s mind?

The iPhone X that we all anticipated so much for is here and It received a grand reception on its release, its sales can testify to that.

Apple’s new iPhone X is the most talked about Smartphone in the whole world. Come to think of it, why won’t it come through the best? The device has an amazing edge-edge display, it’s powered by a new A11 Bionic neural engine chip that can perform 600 billion operations in a second, and more especially, users can just raise the phone up to their face and the phone will unlock.

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With all these features on iPhone X, someone will ask, is there any other innovations Apple is still yet to bring to the Smartphone industry? The answer is a resounding ‘Yes’, they can bring up so many other amazing features on their next iPhone and these features will drive the whole world crazy.

The problem is…

iPhone sales are going down year after year. Don’t doubt me you can see the report for yourself here, here, here again and also here.

Even the battle in china is no longer theirs as indiginous chinese Smartphone companies have taken the market that belongs to them. As of the time of this post, Xiaomi is currently leading in the competition, after selling products worth $370 million (CNY 2.46 billion) in one day on 11/11 which marked the chinese singles day.

You might already been aware that 60% of Apple’s revenue comes from iPhone sales but with the way things are going in the industry that safe heaven iPhone has always occupied will soon be open to so many competitors.

Apple, as intelligent as they can be are also preparing for this same fate so as not to be caught unawares. According to the news, they are diversifying their mode of revenue by spreading away to other industries.

What other industry could that be if not Augmented reality?

Augmented reality is expected to become a $61 billion market by 2023. Making it a nice market to venture into and take very serious now.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook has already made I clear that it’s becoming increasingly important for his company to venture into the AR space and compete with the companies already there.

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Here is what an Apple’s AR device might look like

  • The device will be ready for announcement by the end of 2019 and will be launched by 2020.
  • The device will be a headset with its own display. It will not need a Smartphone screen.
  • It will come running on a new sophisticated system-on-chip developed by Apple.
  • It will run on a new software platform called rOS(reality operating system).
  • The device may cost around $1300 when it launches


The coming–soon AR device is believed to take the place of iPhone devices as the sales of iPhone dwindles each coming year. This doesn’t mean that Apple will quit the Smartphone business. Nah, they can’t leave the battle they are already winning for huge competitors like Samsung and Google to take over, just that, the Smartphone business will now be trimmed down to be a smaller part of Apple’s business while Apple AR gains market adoption.

This great shift that’s about to occur within Apple will look exactly like the case of iPhones taking the mantle away from iPod during its early years of introduction.

In conclusion, Although, Apple’s footprints are currently present in the AR world, it’s not as strong as other competitors but Apple is now working hard to strengthen their grip in this fledgling industry.

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Let’s look forward to the coming rOS device, trust Apple when it comes to delivering groundbreaking technologies that will send the table spinning and every other company present on the table will have no choice than to play the technology catch-up game that’s currently happening in the Smartphone industry right now.


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