Japanese iPhone Developer Made his Face Invisible with the Help of an iPhone X


With the powerful Face ID sensors on Apple’s iPhone X, you will be surprised at the amazing things you can accomplish on iPhone X because of these sensors.

The sensors have caused iPhone X to show great potentials when it comes to art, gaming and other weird apps exclusively developed for the device.

Just recently, a Japanese developer has surmounted another feat with the device using Unity.

The game developer whose twitter handle @noshipu, aka Kazuya Noshiro, completely erased his face, leaving only his mouth and eyes and he called the trick “optical camouflage”

How did he do it?

While he kept the details on how he did it to himself, reports have it that the first recorded what was behind him, then masked out his face bared his eyes and mouth and inserted the background. 

That was possible because iPhone X’s motion sensors could synchronize everything with the camera movement.

While this trick might look so useless to so many people, Snapchat filter freaks might find it interesting when it comes to Snapchat as a filter.

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Well, it might be okay to predict that Snapchat might develop and add this feature as a filter and make it available in a future update.


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