Just 2 Days To Launch, Nokia 6 Reaches 1 Million Registered and Interested Buyers.



Nokia 6 is almost upon us. The first Nokia branded smartphone will be going on sale by January 19 and from all indications, the phone is going to make a very loud noise.

Ever since the phone was announced and HMD has proposed to make it available only in the Chinese market via the chinese website jd.com. More than 1 million people have already registered their interest on the Phone and that is very huge and encouraging.

If HMD made the phone global or allowed it to be dropped in more countries, the interest rate would have been more.

For now, the finland company that licensed and is now housing the old smartphone kings, Nokia, has kept a tight lip as to when or if they will allow the phone go global. Jd.com on the other hand don’t ship their products to other countries only in china.

HMD has announced earlier that more than 5 Android smartphones will be dropped this year. One of them being the Nokia 6, and Nokia 8 will be coming out soon and will be announced next month during WMC.


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