Kissenger Virtual Kissing Machine Creates Kissing Sessions Right From Your Smartphone


Getting intimate for couples that are worlds apart from each other just got a little bit realistic. Those of us practicing long distance relationship can now kiss their nights of loneliness goodbye by using the new virtual kissing machine called Kissenger.

Kissinger Virtual Kissing Machine

Kissenger is the first device that will be transmitting realistic kiss sensations between you and your loved ones over the Internet.

The machine was created by Emma Yann Zhang, a computer science Ph.D. student at City University London.

The device is a simple silicon pad that connects to the audio jack of an iPhone. When a user presses his or her lips against it, the pad sends semi-realistic smooches to the other person’s pad on the other side of the world

Under the silicon pad, you will see some high precision sensors stuffed under it, these sensors measure dynamic forces to different parts of the user’s actual lips. The device sends this data to your phone, which transmits it to your partner over the Internet in real time. Miniature linear actuators are used to reproduce these forces on your partner’s lips, creating a realistic kissing sensation.

Kissenger provides a two-way interaction just like in a real kiss. You can also feel your partner’s kiss on your lips when they kiss you back. That way, when the two partners are kissing, it acts to simulate a real life kiss.

According to Zhang, couples can use the device to enhance their camera and phone sex. The Kissenger comes with an app that lets users video chat in real time. The couple’s eyes would be at the same level while their lips are virtually locked.

As a matter of fact, the app is not yet out, but the production is ongoing, it is currently going through the test as Zheng and her team are currently analyzing data related to blood pressure and heart rate to see how much pleasure people get from the experience.

Zheng also created an app that allows users to join the Kissenger community and connect with friends and family.

Kissinger is not actually the first machine that promises this type of feature, but it is the first to look this simple, easy and realistic, the previous ones are just so ugly and complicated and they looked just like this…
Kissinger Virtual Kissing Machine




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