Starting December 15th, Galaxy Note7 In the UK To Receive Updates That Will Limit Battery Capacity To 30%


You don’t need a fortune teller to tell you that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a big failure. Despite all effort by samsung to make the smartphone safely usable for its users, the number of that device that have exploded since its release is more than the number of granades used by the Nigerian soldiers throughout the war on BokoHaram(Just Joking, Sorry Sammy).

Unreturned Samsung Galaxy Note7 Devices


Few days ago I published an article about samsung’s new strategy to kick-out all the unreturned galaxy note7’s in Canada and make them literally unusable in the US. They will be using their new software upgrade to cripple the devices and make it useless in the hands of the headstrong users who have sworn an oat not to let go of their small-sized stylus equipped hand granade(Sorry again sammy, still joking).

A similar thing is going to happen to the unreturned note7’s in the UK, but this time around theirs’ will be a little bit devastating as Samsung will be dissing out upgrades that will  prevent the owners from charging them above 30%.

Mehn… That will make the phone function more like a UPS.

Now, if you can only charge the smartphone’s battery to the maximum of 30%, i.e only 1000MAH will be left chargable and usable out of the original 3500MAH battery.

Now that’s so heartbreaking.

In addition, Samsung Australia after offering $250 to customers who will trade their Note7 in for an S7 or S7 edge in addition to the difference in resale values until December 22nd. They’ve also stated that effective from that same December 15th, Samsung Australia will be banning the IMEIs of all Galaxy Note7 smartphones.

This is actually how the almighty Samsung Galaxy Note7 will die an untimely death. RIP Sammy

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