Musician Files Lawsuits Against Apple inc Over a Sample Jamie xx Song in an iPhone Commercial


I think so many tech companies are being bombarded with tons of lawsuits these days. This is becoming a norm and it always makes the headlines often.

The latest lawsuits against apple inc that might be dragging Apple to court is the issue over a 2015 iPhone 6 commercial featuring the Jamie xx song “I know there’s gonna be (Good Times),” According to Hollywood reporter reports, the suit was filed yesterday 25th January 2017 by Jerome Lawson, in Los Angeles.

Jerome is the lead singer of The Persuasions, whose song “Good Times” is sampled in the Jamie xx track.

According to THR, Jerome stated that he is not claiming copyright infringement par say, instead he said the use of his voice in the commercial violates his “Right of Publicity,”

In the commercial, lawson’s voice was so prominent and recognizable, which might give fans away into believing that Lawson endorsed Apple and the iPhone or that Lawson gave his consent to the use of his voice to advertise Apple’s products.

The lawsuit is spearheaded by Califonia’s Right of Publicity Law, which protects a person’s name, voice, likeness, photograph and signature from use for the purpose of advertising or selling, or soliciting purchases of products, merchandise, goods or services, without the person’s prior consent.

The lawsuit also stirs up a breach of agreements with Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA).

According to Lawson, six months after the commercial has gone on air, Apple’s ad agency contacted him (Media arts lab). The lawsuit stated that Apple admitted a mistake of not obtaining permission to use the song. Lawson said he was then offered the “minimum “ compensation required under SAG rules which state that any use of a song in a commercial must include “separate bargaining” with singers.

The lawsuit is still in the early stage, and a judge is still yet to agree to hear the case. Let’s fold our hands and see how this issue turns out to be.


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