Apple Says it is currently Investigating The Case of A Melting iPhone 7 plus


Recently, a video showed up on twitter showing an iPhone 7 plus on fire and melting away. According to a new report, Apple is currently running an investigation to figure out the problem and why the iPhone 7 plus happened to go on fire.

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This is basically the first time such a thing is happening and it is possible that this was an isolated incident.

The user, Brianna Olivas also stated that a few days prior to the incident, the user took the phone to the Apple Store after discovering that the device wouldn’t turn on. The device was approved and returned to the user after a couple of tests, which makes this case particularly curious.


This Rose Gold iPhone 7 Plus was on charge overnight. But when  Olivas’ boyfriend discovered some noise coming from the device along with fumes, he decided to throw it to the bathroom where it later exploded. The video showing the device partially melted was captured by Olivas’ boyfriend.

Currently, the phone is now in Apple’s custody and Apple’s comment about the Phone will be out within the next 7 days. The company has confirmed this and has mentioned that it’s looking into the matter as we speak.

While there are so many facts one can link up to be the cause of this incident, it could turn out to be bad for Apple. The cause may simply be from the user charging the phone with a fake, or unauthorized third party charger. Who knows?



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