Microsoft Announces New AI-Powered Search Feature for Bing

Microsoft Announces New AI-Powered Search Feature for Bing

Microsoft’s bing is Bill-gate’s answer to Google’s search. Although not as popular and widely used as Google’s search engine, it is the closest alternative you can get.

AI technology is taking some baby moves in the industry and industry experts have predicted that it’s the next big thing that will happen to the world of technology. Brands have started to embrace it from all aspect and implementing it into their products to better enhance them.

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Yesterday, Microsoft took a giant move to announce that they’ve implemented AI into its Bing’s search engine to make it more conversational and more interactive with users.

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This implementation means that Microsoft’s bing will soon be throwing in some image recognition stunts along with machine reading for parsing text and extracting meaning and also, other techniques tailored to improve AI training methods.

Search results on Bing will now show both multiple perspective and multiple sources. These sources will be culled from a list of pre-approved news sources.

In case you missed it, Bing partnered with Reddit recently. Bing will leverage the partnership to surface information from subreddits right into their search results by using algorithm to analyze the user-generated texts across many subreddits

Additionally, the AI-powered bing will include a new conversational search function, powered by the learnings Microsoft gained from deploying natural language chatbots like Xiaoice and Zo and deploying machine learning algorithms on billions of text documents.

While Bing’s improved image search is already available as of the time when this post was published. The conversational and intelligent search feature will be coming next month.

Microsoft is also bringing intelligent chat to office 365, oneDrive and Sharepoint. Excel features a new AI tool called Insights which will automatically highlight spreadsheet patterns that the software detected from the structured data to make it easier to analyze. This feature will be rolling out by the end of the month, which is the end of the year too.


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