Microsoft’s Windows 10 Now Powers Nearly 700 Million Devices


The last time Microsoft dropped a statement concerning the stats of windows 10 user base was in 2017 according to the Satya Nadella led company the operating system had 500 million users then.

It has been almost one full year since Microsoft revealed that stats and recently Microsoft has announced at its Build 2018 developers’ conference that Windows 10 now powers nearly 700 million devices across the globe.

Also, Microsoft also revealed during today’s event that its Office 365 now touts more than 135 million active commercial users.

Windows 10 was launched by Microsoft in 2015 and the goal was to have the operating system running on one billion devices by 2018. A goal which Microsoft stopped looking up to when they realized it was a very ambitious target.

Windows 10 has gained an additional 200 million users over the past year. It has been growing at a decent speed,

But that doesn’t go down well with Microsoft because they won’t be seeing Windows 10 hit one billion users across the globe any time soon unless any sudden miracle takes place.

Meanwhile, the company has been seeing good interest in its Office 365 subscription plan as it had 120 million active commercial users in October last year and the company announced today that the figure now stands at 135 million.

The company didn’t reveal the stats for its Microsoft 365 yet. The product is a new subscription service that bundles access to Windows 10, Office 365, and a suite of security and mobile device management tools for enterprise customers.

Microsoft has also been making some improvements on its A.I field as that has been the topic of many announcements of late.



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