This New Wearable Device Can ‘HEAR’ Your Internal Voice


Wouldn’t it be great to make that internal voice of yours so audible that it sounds like your friend standing next to you was talking to you?

That’s what researchers had in mind when they developed this new headset that can listen to internal vocalization and speak to the wearer while appearing silent to the outside world.

The new wearable device called AlterEgo, can read people’s mind extracting the internal voice, allowing them to control devices and ask queries without speaking.

The device can transcribe words that wearers verbalize internally using electrodes attached to the skin.

According to the brains behind this technology at MIT’s Media Lab, their goal is to meld humans with a machine in some way that provide a useful internal extension of our own cognition.

Kapur, the lead developer describes the headset as an “intelligence-augmentation” or IA device.

It is worn around the jaw and chin, clipped over the top of the ear to hold it in place. Then, under the white plastic device, four electrodes make contact with the skin to pick up subtle neuromuscular signals that are triggered when a person verbalizes internally.

Verbalizing internally here means saying something inside your head and when you do so, artificial intelligence within the device can match particular signals to particular words, feeding them into a computer which then responds through the device using a bone conduction speaker that plays sound into the ear without the need for an earpiece to be inserted, the wearer will still be able to hear and interact with the rest of the world.



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