O2 nails Machine: How To Design Your Manicure On Your iphone and Print Your Design Using The Mobile Nail Printer Machine


We all know how obsessed our women can be when it comes to beautifying themselves. Some will spend valuable hours trying to make that possible.

There is even an increased obsession when it comes to taking care of their fingernails, they will always like to design and paint the long acrylic nails they have replaced their natural nails with. While the designs they can get is way more limited, there is a new machine that can put an unlimited design on your acrylic nails.

Do you want to print the face of your Family members on your nails? The new O’2 Nails will get it all worked out in an easy and amazing way that will remove the stress from you.

How Does The o2 nails Machine Work?

The O’2 Nail’s Mobile Nail Printer is a nail art equipment that will print any pattern, color, image or design on your natural or artificial nails.

The mobile nail printer connects with an iPhone app, installed on your iPhone via WIFI. Then, with the iPhone app, you can make your designs, photos, patterns and so on without limitation and print your designs directly on your fingernails in just one click.


The principle behind the machine is quite simple. The nail printer machine is loaded with high-quality ink cartridges, very similar to the types you find inside your usual and everyday printer.

The feeder paints your conveyed masterpiece onto an acrylic nail. The company claims that each cartridge can print up to 800 nails, depending on the intricacy of the design, but for commercial purposes, O’2 nails say each one is a 15 cents.

The Mobile nail printing machine costs $780, but predictions suggest that the price will soon filter down to a lesser price in a couple of years.



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