OnePlus 6 Leaks Shows the Phone to Pack an in-display Fingerprint Sensor


The in-display fingerprint sensor is one feature that has been on our lips for a very long time. If my records are correct the idea came into the horizon late last year when Samsung galaxy S9 leaks started showing the phone parking an in-display fingerprint sensor, we thought Samsung will take the glory as usual for being the first company to introduce this feature.

But our hopes were dashed when a less popular company called Vivo took the lead and gave us a Smartphone with this feature, the  Vivo X20 Plus

Although not fully implemented the way everybody wants it to be, and despite Vivo’s implementation still leaving numerous rooms for improvement. They cracked it first, but all thanks to the company, synaptic who’s behind the chip that was embedded under the screen of the x-play that made this feature possible.

2018 is here, the Samsung galaxy S9 launch have come and gone and it’s obvious that we will have to wait for another smartphone from Samsung to see how the south Korean smartphone gaint will implement this feature. But, other smartphone vendors aren’t waiting for Samsung to step up, take the lead and watch them follow suite.

One of such companies is the OnePlus.

With the OnePlus 6 having been earlier rumoured to have such a feature, new leaks about the phone now have is going that it’s safe for us to look forward to getting this technology on the upcoming OnePlus flagship.

Let’s take a quick sweep through other things the new leak about OnePlus 6 shows.

The OnePlus 6 will come with a bigger screen to body ratio than its predecessor OnePlus 5.

If that is the case, then should also get ready to witness another smartphone struggling to do away with as much bezel as possible. Since that’s the trend these days.

Furthermore, with the recent scores that the leaked OnePlus 6 got on the AnTuTu benchmark, there is the possibility of as much as 19:9 aspect ratio, resolutions of 2280 x 1080 and FHD+ display.

We are still unsure what will be powering this device. Being the flagship unit, don’t be surprised or swept off your feet when you see Qualcomm’s new SnapDragon 845 chipset.

An 8GB of RAM was on the OnePlus 5 there is no reason why we should not be getting the same capacity on the successor, if OnePlus won’t be that silly to put a lower RAM inside.

As usual, every upcoming flag ship phone that has a predecessor that lived up to what people loved, there will always be rumors and leaks before the actual unveiling and this is the time.

So, until the official announcement, very other thing in you hear from OnePlus 6 and its release is just a whole lot of speculation until the Asian company makes an official statement.


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