Oneplus Co-founder Defends “iPhone 7 look-alike User Backlash” for the OnePlus 5


When smartphone brands come up with phone designs it should be unique and not a look-alike of any other phone from another brand.

That’s exactly the case of onePlus, the brand behind the soon-to-be-released smartphone – onePlus 5. The phone is badass; with mouth-watering specs that will make you yearn for the smartphone. After seeing the shown renders and leaks and concerns that the device would look a lot like the

The phone is badass; with mouth-watering specs that will make you yearn for the smartphone.

But, after seeing the shown renders and leaks about the phone; mere looking at the phone, iPhone 7 Plus comes to your mind because the device would look a lot like the Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

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The onePlus 5 has everything a smartphone needs to contend well as a flagship phone (8GB of RAM, 64GB of ROM, 16 MP camera on the front and rear and Snapdragon 835 chipset). But users opinions has an entirely different thing to say about the phone.

The backlash from users is so prominent that it cannot be ignored. Across user boards on social media platforms, users have used Twitter posts, Reddit threads etc to voice out their disappointment some are mocking the design humorously.

The company is one of the few that their ears are always left open to hear users opinions about their products and they sure got the gist from their users concerning this one.

Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus, voiced his opinion on the matter in two tweets, saying that people were also disappointed about the design of the OnePlus 3, but the salty comments stopped as soon as the handset was in people’s hands.

When the OnePlus 3 was first revealed, its design was said to be a striking mixed resemblance of HTC 10 and Samsung Galaxy S6”, and the design elements of both phones can be seen shining through.
oneplus 3
OnePlus 3
According to history, the onePlus 3 never looked anything close to the mentioned phones. The phone was on its own a monster to reckon with and that was why the community never lashed out on the phone during its tenure as a flagship.
Somehow, we feel like the OnePlus 5’s looks will be a bit harder to swallow.


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