Introducing New PhotoScan app By Google: Digitize Your Old Photo Prints Easily


Pictures are meant to be our store house for the amazing moments we don’t want to forget in our life. Pictures can tell you the difference between you 5 years back and you now.
So many of us will try to digitize our old photos. we have only two options to carry this out.

  • Use scanner to scan the photo
  • Use your phone camera to take a shot of the photo.

While the first option will produce an amazing and clear copy of the photo, scanner are not always available. The second option will produce a hilarious copy sometimes it produces light glares something that mostly ruins the visual representation of the photo.

But, Google ones again came to our rescue with a third amazing that can produce an exact copy of our photo after taking a shot with it with our snap phone.

The company just released an app called PhotoScan for iOS and Android and it promises to make preserving the memories in your old printed photos much easier.
The mission is to digitize those old photos you took on a point-and-shoot back in the ’90s.

PhotoScan is definitely the star of the show, though. According to engineers from Google, PhotoScan improves on the old “photo of a photo” technique that many now use to quickly get a digital copy of old prints. It’s also a lot cheaper than sending pictures out to be scanned by a professional, not to mention faster and more convenient than using a flatbed scanner.

When you open up the PhotoScan app, you’re prompted to line up your picture within a border. Once you have the picture aligned, pressing the scan button will activate your phone’s flash and start the process of getting a high-quality representation of the photo. Four white circles will appear in different quadrants of the image. You’ll be prompted to move your phone over each dot until it turns blue; once all four dots are scanned, the app pulls together the final image.

Go download the app, open it up and when moving the phone to scan each dot, the app will be taking multiple images of the picture from different angles to effectively eliminate light glare — something Google cited as the biggest culprit in ruining digital pictures of photo prints. In practice, in Google’s tightly controlled demo setup, it worked perfectly. It was easy to see how the lights in the room cast glare on the photo print and equally obvious how the app managed to eliminate it in the final scan. It’s a bit of an abstract process to describe, but it worked as promised. We’ll need to test it further outside of Google’s own testbed, but the early results are definitely encouraging.

The app also lets you adjust the crop to remove any hint of the background surface peeking into the photo, but it’s otherwise a pretty minimal experience. Once you’re done scanning, the app prompts you to save your scans. They’re saved directly to your phone’s storage; you can then upload them to Google Photos or the backup service of your choice. Google specifically said that it wanted this app to exist outside Google Photos so people could scan images and use whatever service they want to back them up.

The new PhotoScan app and updated Google Photos should be available in the App Store and on Google Play now. Go download it and flex with it.


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