How to Remove an Android Device From Your List of Devices on Google Play Store

remove android device from google play

If you’ve ever tried to use Google PlayStore over the web and install an app to your phone, you will notice the list of your previous Android phones you’ve used crowding up space there.

You may have on one or two occasions selected the wrong device and was wondering why the App you wanted to install never shows up on your current device.

If you wish to remove Android device from google play, here is a tutorial for you.

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  • Open Google PlayStore on the web and click on the gear button on the top right-hand corner of your screen and select settings.

remove Android device from google play


  • There you will see a list of all the devices you currently have registered.

remove Android device from google play

  • Remove the checkmark from the box labeled  Show in menus.


  • When next you want to install an app, only the existing and current device you are using will appear.

remove Android device from google play

Like, in my own case, I was only using the Xaiomi, but the other devices were either stolen or not just in use, I unticked almost all of them leaving only two.

When I went over to install an App, I was only seeing the 2 I left unticked.

So easy right?

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