Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) Explodes in the Hands of a 4-year old in Pakistan



It looks like the era of exploding Samsung devices is not yet over.

A new device explosion case has been reported involving a Samsung’s Galaxy J7 2016 which exploded in the hands of a 4-year old.

According to the report, the accident occurred in Pakistan. Although it did not cause any serious injuries on the 4-years old girl.

The Mother, Naureen Ahsan, gave her Samsung Galaxy J7 to her daughter who wanted to play Talking Tom game. Not too long after that, the device overheated and exploded in the girl’s hand.

While nobody can tell exactly what happened with the Galaxy J7, Parents are advised to keep their children away from mobile phones.

The case of Naureen’s Samsung Galaxy j7 exploding might be an isolated case and not a widespread flaw in the smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 incident that occurred last year.

Considering that the phone is one of the most sorts after in most countries thereby the number of units being sold and circulating is high and non have been reported to explode.

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It is most likely an isolated case.

Let’s wait and hear what Samsung will say about this accident.


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