The New Samsung Galaxy Note 9 In All Its Glory Takes a Trip To Geekbench.


We’ve all been wondering what the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 would look like, would it be that type of phone that will get your jaw falling off after you’ve taken a good look at it? Would it be that type of phone that will get heads spinning 360 degrees non-stop?

Well, while Samsung wouldn’t make the latest addition to the Galaxy note’s family to be that suicidal, the phone does pack a few eye pooping features that will blow your mind as always.

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Every year, the Note’s family has always been the next line of phones Samsung has always given so much attention to immediately after the Galaxy S counterpart has dropped. The note has always lived up to its standard by standing next to its Galaxy S counterpart in the smartphone market, defending Samsung’s brand against the intense competition out there. Yesterday, the new Note took a trip to geekbench and most of its specs have been released with its benchmarks. Let’s see what Samsung would be offering with this smartphone.

As always, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 would always come with the best components Samsung can lay their hands on in the market.

The device, codenamed SM-N960F will feature a whopping 8GB of RAM, powered by Android 8.1.0 and the octa-core Exynos 9815 processor, although there will be a Snapdragon variant which would be running on the latest Snapdragon 845 chipset and 6GB of RAM.

snapdragon chipset VS samsung exynos chipset

Back to the Exynos processor found on Samsung Galaxy Note 9, it’s the current flagship of Samsung’s owned smartphone chipset built in-house. Meaning, it has not been used on any smartphone before. Its predecessor, the Exynos 9810 powers the UK variant of Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ and it sounds good to be seeing Samsung slap its own chip technology first on its flagship device while putting Snapdragon in the second place for a lesser variant.

The Exynos 9815 scored 5162 points in the single –core and 10704 points in the multi-core tests.

benchmark score of Samsung Galaxy note 9


Coming to the second variant of the to-be latest addition to the Note’s family. The Snapdragon variant which will be using a lesser 6GB of RAM alongside Snapdragon 845. There will be two firmware builds for the Note 9 depending on the two types of processors available.

The device is expected to be released around September this year. And, about the on-screen fingerprint scanner which Samsung has been trying their hands on for a while now, some reliable reports point on the presence of an on-screen fingerprint scanner while other reports say otherwise, this is one of those things we have to keep our fingers crossed and wait for something authentic to show up before the release date, knowing fully well that if Samsung decides to implement the on-screen fingerprint scanner, it will be better than the one Vivo used on their X20 Plus UD.

vivo X20 plus UD
Vivo X20 plus UD. The first smartphone with an under display fingerprint scanner

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As more reports unfold about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, we will do our best to feed you in, stay glued!


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